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Whoa Oyee I can’t believe y’all sleepin? This Ain’t Madison Avenue! It’s Empire Ave. A new day a new age.

Social media is tired of the same ol’ ball game. I mean I may be from Empire Street and not the Avenue, but Madison Avenue is passe’. Is that not why we’re here? To experiment, Expand, Engage and Evaluate the current scene in Socio-Electronic-Media (synaptic web)?

Forbes may be recognizing the illusion, and everything is nice and pristine there, like on Park Avenue, but we all know Wall Street is the place that’s in control! The Avenue is a facade where we hide and present what we think the world wants to know (*notice it was occupy Wall Street, not occupy Park Avenue)

So where does Osaka Saul, Saul Fleischman come in? Dang it he’s at the forefront of Social Media. Does it take an Avante Garde art!st from the Projects in the Bronx USA to see this? Yes I guess so, because he’s light years ahead of your current thinking, and because of being entrenched in the ol’ boy Madison Ave techniques you can’t see it….yet. Society civilization is tired of living in the plasticized world of unrealized value.

We have outgrown consumerismentality and as Saul is professing in his social media direction we are taking on functionality in the new synaptic web. However as I have often bantered about with Saul we can not forget about form. Form and function must go together. We can spend an eternity making things functional so that their use becomes easily attainable but if they have no form they can not exist.

Glass On The Table 3-14-2012

So now what part does form play? For this I go  back  to my Pratt Institute college days where my most influential reading was, “Eye and The Brain by Richard Langston Gregory, there I formulated my art direction with the basis of, how do we really see. This formed my whole basis for my early works on Avante~Garde art, for I believed we really did not see with our eyes, but reality was what we see as perception through a synaptic process of the brain.

Structure of a typical chemical synapse

   So what I attempted to do from this time around 1972 was to find a vehicle of both form and function that would allow me to reverse the art process. Not create from outside stimulation, but from within my own mind, because surely what I was trying to envision was something within the matrix of my Psyche. The process was how to create from within that space, in opposition to creating from the outward perception which I believed was a pre-functioned, dis-reality of storied civilized historical input.

   The great Creator has embedded a tool, electronic in it’s makeup to truly experience being. If you have not truly experienced anything, from your synaptic presence, whether you function or not, you do not know if what was formulated was “Really Real.” What I am attempting by creating from within, is to get the viewers neurons to fire at a stimulated rate, by the brains ability to chemically decode what is the unexpected input. God has created an amazing machine for seeing, which is really an interpretation of light being received by photo receptors and translated into images within the brain. 

   But what if we change the expected input the brain is looking for from the receptors by constant training of refined images, the lake is where it’s supposed to be and the glass has the hi-tech Hi Def look and feel that our synapses have become accustomed to? Well then as I have been caused to re-examine after a friend request from Dr Zorina Costello, we might cross over into the brains emotional state. Neurons will be caused to fire in the brains attempt to coherently make sense of this different electrical impulse firing. This wonderful machine will start to exercise in a socialistic pattern of trying to make sense out of the input.

   Then I have succeeded in my Avante~Garde attempt to push the God given machine of the brain to exercise on a plane of experience quite unfamiliar to it in a social context of understanding, emotion, feelings of like and dislike, comfort and discomfort all of the duality that was made for it’s original design and intentions rather than the pablumated subjection’s that occur from someone always trying to sell something or some concept to the inner psyche that it doesn’t need, but is made thought to be necessary for a wellness experience.

   This is the balance of Form and Function that nature does all to well in it’s design but man tends to neglect in favor of pure functionality.


Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works. – Steve Jobs

March 23, 2012

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Carlos, you think deep thoughts with your head. I love the imagery; my wife will call that shot a “keeper.” I think Madison Avenue is on to social media ^ it looks like a cheap solution to mass-market. For us grassroots guys, we're still coming up with win-win solutions – for getting those who can, to actually pay. Talk soon.

Saul Fleischman is a cool guy. And?

Form and function are both manipulated (often)- intentionally and unintentionally. Signs of the beautiful, the good, and the true… confuse, overwhelm, and mislead more frequently than they lead us to illumination, enlightenment, and love.

Walk in beauty, dreamer. Walk in beauty…

Saul Fleischman is a cool guy. And? and we blend his functionality not to confuse, overwhelm, and mislead, but rather use those tools to expand upon the reach of our art with beauty in a social context.

Just read some of our other blogs on social media with thoughts on being ethical. The business or artist must have ethical practices to lead us to illumination, enlightenment, and love. That is a given.

Thanks for your comment Stan.

Thanks for you comment Saul. But alas I'm anti Madison Avenue. I worked there for a brief stint back in the early 70's and I prefer to stay with you grass roots underground guys with ethics, rather than the “Klaus” ( can't give his last name) MA attitude of we'll bilk people for fortunes, glitzy and all and soon own the whole of NYC!!!!! (Pinky and the Brain are not ethical)

Do you usually think about optimizing the posts for search systems?

I will dream on as we do not talk about commercial form and function here.

No this is not something I'm aware of my concept is more for the reader and not search results?