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Get this FREE 36″X24″ original art print for children courtesy of the “Carlos” the Avant~garde art!st.

“How Now Brown Cow-Blue Spots?” by Carlos

In an effort to promote the artist working in the community using modern technology, we suggest using FedEx Kinko’s to reproduce this work for your child. 

Yes that’s my signature, right in the work under the cows front feet. This is the same technology the artist uses on his own original work and will be of museum quality.

Just download the “original” to Google docs which interfaces directly with FedEx Office or get an Adobe PDF file to your computer or thumbdrive, copy this page as “signed artists permission to print” and ask FedEx Office to size the PDF file from 36″X24″ to whatever size you wish or on whatever material you wish. They can even print and mount it on canvas for you.

PERMISSION: The artist a.k.a. as “Carlos”, Carlos Romero hereby grants permission to the holder of this paper permission to print this work of art: 

Carlos Romero
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