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Wes Nyle (California Jerk Star) & Black Caesar
Raleigh Durham Airport-Wes in from Cali

That’s right! Ikohaus Music Group through Black Caesar the Pirate is gettin’ Gully with Charlotte Motor Speedway. For those of you who don’t know what “gettin’ gully” means? Well Urban Dictionary.com describes it as 1. something from the streets and/or Gangsta. Sames as sayin Hood (I’m so Gully. 2. To be hard, fresh and get mad biddies.

      Many of you may shy away from this terminology, and figure what does that have to do with auto racing? PLENTY!!! Black Caesar witnessed it first hand on May 18th and 19th at the Bojangles Southern 500 at Darlington Motor Speedway, in South Carolina. When you have 20-40 cars hurtling around an ovular track at top speeds of 190+ and averaging 170 mph, having crashes and flippin off tires, I would say if I was a driver, “I’m so gully”. Take a look at our young music fans, many of them the same age as the drivers, 11-20 years old, spinning around on their head, Hip Hop style, jerking and flippin and calling each other expletives. Well, dang it the race car drivers do the same thing, only much faster and with about 3,000+ pounds of metal and steel wrapped around their butts. So if your Kyle Busch and Kevin Harvick and you guys are pushing each others cars around like bumper cars at 170, I would get gully with you too!!!! Doggone fool tryin to kill me before Mother’s Day in a race I’m gonna get gully with ya!.
Danica Patrick
      Okay, okay so you saw our new affiliate ⇒⇒⇒ Ad with Charlotte Motor Speedway, that’s because were on a mission to forge an alliance between Black Caesar’s Jerk and Hip Hop music following and Auto Racing in particular NASCAR. Think about it? We got the kids out of the gangs and out from behind the computer, but we got nothing for them to do to express themselves. Having been in the Music and Art Industry for over 40 years. We could give away the whole concept here and someone could make a fortune. But we hold the key to this new desire for NASCAR racing to diversify and increase it’s ticket sales. However my mentor is Dr Lee of the Pitt Community College Dean of Business, and he impacted on me how one can do business and still have an ethical business model. This is what has the following of youth from Florida to New Jersey to Belgium and Australia thinking Black Caesar (actually my alter ego like Snoop Dogg) is the Man saving Jerk Music on the East Coast.
We’re having a rough go of it as no one will sponsor these dancing and singing kids. I won’t go into names here, but now there’s barely a pulse anymore for lack of support on the East Coast. The West Coast is more supportive with radio and TV. I have nothing to prove, I’ve already done it before in NYC the toughest market on the planet for a company with, get this “cellular TV” back in 1994. I got them over 500,000 subscribers in 6 months as a project manager with my team of 25 people fighting another team of 10.
      Hey you’ve heard the story here on what we are doing and why we are affiliating with Charlotte Motor Speedway, and guess what? This weekend coming up is the “Coca Cola 600” for Memorial Day weekend, why not get the kids click our link to the right and go watch the race. Take Black Caesar word for it (ethically of course) if you have never been Whoooaaaa Boy your in for a treat and if you haven’t been in a while there’s plenty to do and has NASCAR racing sure changed!
     PS and don’t forget to write (email) the Big Muckety Mucks at Charlotte Motor Speedway and tell them to talk to Black Caesar about increasing their fans. If I did 1/2 Mil in NYC I can’t be that bad. (:-} Lol
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