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Speaking of global artization, this artist has been so pre-occupied with 9-5′ing to keep from being a starving artist with 2.5 kids (the .5 is our cat “AfricaT“) the while chatting with one of my photographer buddies Maggie Beresford from Down Under on Face Book, I came to find that I had been awarded the prestigious A.D.A (Advertising Design Art) Silver award for my art and website.

Here’s what Catarina Lassi of the Italian ADA had to say:

Dear Carlos
is certainly worthy of the prize that we are sending!

With a score of 82 points, we will assign the A.D.A SILVER AWARD!

Carlos L Romero brought to us his Web site in a very ingenious way.

This Web site is a personal one, however the author had the ability to create a peculiar way to shows his work and, at the same time, to teach general public something more about Art.

With a smooth composition, an original structure and a great portion of good taste Carlos L Romero introduces the observer in the peculiar shapes of his works and in the sumptuous world of the Art.

A excellent Web site to be seen carefully.

September 27, 2008

Screen Shot of http://www.carloslromero.com can be finding in the following page

This is just part of the radicalization I’m talking about. Artist have always been at the Vanguard of shaping the Global World in a more beautiful way. Just think of the cave paintings of Lascaux or the paintings on the pyramids. These images form the impressions we have of life at that time and now with the internet travel has been omitted as an obstacle to this realization.

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