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My name is Carlos Romero, originally born and raised in NYC. From an early age I’ve always been fascinated by art, technology and music.

In our cause at Ikohaus we educate, inform and problem solve. By that we believe it is the artists duty especially the Avant-garde artist, to inspire, forge and blaze the path into the 21st Century we live in. The old industrial based economy has transformed with mechanization, so we must create a new vision and value system not based on products but rather, human creativity and support the personnel to realize that.

We want to raise money to stage a Gala art happening at Art Avenue here in Greenville, NC. Many artists talents and creativity goes unnoticed not because they are not great, but rather because of who they know, commercial appeal, gender, race, and a host of other drawbacks. With this we miss the opportunity to witness a light that could possibly forever change our view of the world. If crowdsource with us, we will make it happen, if not it just take us longer without you.

Many artists and creatives are poor and struggling with jobs preventing them from creating. We have an abundance of talented University and High School students in the arts that graduate to an existence of an unrelated job field because our value system is based on the old 20th Century Industrialization Concept. Ikohaus believes the 21st Century to be the beginning of the Age of Enlightenment, when humanity comes to realize the only value left not created by industry machines is our own creativity.

So please join us. Our parent company CPirateNetwork LLC was not formed solely for profit, but rather as a Social Purpose Corporation to teach communities how to crowd source, create employment and economic growth for disenfranchised, artists, musicians, all genres, youth, women and people of all races religions, regardless of sexual orientation or disabilities.

To this end we all grow and profit in the experience, for how can a person contribute to your financial prosperity if you only take, but never invest? Soon or later both wells will run dry.

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February 14, 2016