He’s Back: Test #3 7-29-2012 Sustainable Format J.I.T. Manufacturing – Ikohaus
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It’s been some time since I, the artist known as Romero has worked in the digital art medium on my creative side. I’ve been so engrossed with working with the younger generation on the music side, that the artistic creative portion of my brain has been neglected. What I sought to do here with this work is simply “test” a new version of the software I use called Art Rage by Ambient Design.
The thought process going in became more than a simple test, for I started from the previous night to re-evaluate my entire focus on creativity. I had been working so hard to push the envelope of creativity, mainly on the music side (which you can see over on our sister site !kohausMusicGroup) that I was putting 18+ hours every day with people that had mainly had little original creativity and refused to pull their own weight, only expecting someone else to, and they in turn would be paid due to their extreme popularity.
There’s something wrong with this whole system! Here we go again with a corrupt and un-ethical value system. Should we contrive to manufacture a system based on a marketable product to be paid for? What has happened to the art form? Oh that’s right we’ve taken out of the school so we really don’t know what creativity is any more. We think if we have 20,000 followers on twitter, that we’ve really created something. No stop think again. I’ve never had many followers on twitter when I first started in 2007, maybe at most 300. But I was a major influencer in many topics. As I’ve invented the twitterism, if you will, “It’s not how many followers you have…It’s what kind of leader you are!”
Bringing us to sustainability if you’ve read this far. We have become such a wasteful society, just because of the story line I mentioned previously which bases it value solely on the profit model, BUY BUY BUY…YOU MUST HAVE THIS PRODUCT. That we keep throwing things away and that have value for only a very brief span of time. But what if…we turn that whole equation upside down. Back in 1992 while studying Telecommunications, I started to read “Sloane School of Management” magazine, and am now exploring a variation of “Just In Time Manufacturing“. (Japanese Technology Management: Innovations, Transferability, and the Limitations
of “Lean” Production Michael A. Cusumano M. I.T. Sloan School of Management WP#3477-92/B PS 15 October 1992)
Why fill my studio in this digital day and age with works that I as yet don’t know if they are wanted? Most assuredly I do not have to. What if I create an online repository for the digital representation, in a clean, fine electronic delivery system. Then when the desiring patron wants to purchase the piece, I simply produce it for him in a number of formats possible; stretched on canvas, on paper or mounted on foam core board, sign it and manufacture only one thus increasing it’s inherent value? Ahh ha eureka, sustainable at that to boot.
Now it feels as if a great weight has been lifted. No longer do I want to play in the pure profit game model. No one wants to hire this old artist anyway. How would it look if Picasso was flipping burgers at McDonalds, or Matisse behind the counter at Sheets? That is why it’s just…Art Is! the end

July 29, 2012


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