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by avantgarde artist Romero (on twitter & facebook)

Many people shy away from being a collector of art, for many reasons. Lack of knowledge about newer artists, affordability of known artists and the ever present possibility of purchasing a fraudulent work.

As a young boy growing up I was always fascinated by technology, working with my father on early Tube powered televisions, amplifiers and also going to the abundance of Art Museums in my hometown of New York City.

I would sit and dream looking at our television, what I would do if I was given the power to broadcast or teach art over that system. * I think just having said that I will endeavor to start up a concept of teaching digital art techniques, that I use right here on this website.

Part of the problem for early adopters of a revolutionary new format is, education, informing and problem solving, that can lead to a patron incorporating this new format into their collecting habits. Another issue to be blunt and plain is understanding the fact that an African American Artist can have a revolutionary new process in Fine Arts. 

For this let’s take a step back to the year about 2011, after my return from an artists conference I attended as a Master Artist with the now defunct World Art Foundation, in Orange County California. It was quite costly to transport my self and art work across the country from NC to California and my work converted to paper did not have just the right same feel as when it was constructed on my computer display screen. 

To resolve this issue I contacted a signage company, Bright Sign to discuss my new display concept with them. To my surprise as I was informed by staff at Bright Sign, another artist was working on the same concept type  as I was, using their equipment, but of course I had not the funding of which the other artist was apprised to.   

I don’t know who the other artist actually is, but was informed the work was of Lady Gaga and would be on display in the Louvre. So here picture below is the work of one of my peers on display in the Louvre, while I spend time toiling to educate art aficionado’s of a similar work flow I created to be more affordable to the average every day art collector.

//platform.twitter.com/widgets.jsOK so let us go right to the simple process that I have been promoting, that can basically do the same thing, but I created to be used in a bootstrapped process with off the shelf components I love to use, in what I call componentization. Follow the steps outlined below and become an early adopter –
1. Get the Google Chromecast for Android or IOS 


2. Be a Patron and acquire this single edition unique secure digital work by me Romero “Air Apparent” for your collection to display on any digital display device $200USD – 

AirApparent $200USD
Single Original

Ok so there you have it, your chance to own some of the same type of innovative work that is on display in the Louvre, from an artist you have come to know personally on this site since 2005 and before.

Stop through and check out some of our early history provided by Google Blogger and archive dot org.


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