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I’ve often wanted to work from the female figure in art, but had really gotten out of the practice as finding suitable models that one can afford can be quite daunting and expensive.

Thinking back to my training in art school I remembered how we talked about the artist taking pictures of a particular scene so they would have a record of how things were exactly placed at a particular time. Back to my abstracts I went occasionally diving into some still life flowers and so with my digital brushes, but still longing to do something with the nude figure.

One of my earlier works was quite good but not enough of what I was looking for, to capture sensual seductiveness of the image I had in my head. On the other side of the artistic realm in my music world I was watching the videos of a young dance, singing artist by the name of Haylee Ray. Her dancing skills were quite good in the new modern “Jerk” style and her lyrical delivery was even more forceful. But what really captured my artists eye was her presence in front of the camera. Here was a woman that could embody and exuded feminine beauty that made you pay attention to form and beauty without being lewd and crass. 

Her posing and pictures, mainly on Instagram were not like a malnourished, stark clothing rack model, but rather had an eye towards the viewer stating, I’m a model in the old traditional sense like those for Gauguin and Matisse. A modern Marilyn Monroe to the camera. So I cobbled off a message to her on Instagram:  

 blackcaesarx4 days ago
 Wow what Avante-garde art nude I should do a painting on that one

Then came her reply:

 misshayleeraya day ago
 @blackcaesarx yes do it lol

So here in this first work you find this artist diving into the photograph and bringing into Avante-garde style in a 24″ X 24″ size to be commissioned in the Giclée process. I think it safe to say that Haylee Ray will become the Official Model of “Romero” aka BlackCaesarX for a series of works for Ikohaus. 

The work simply entitled “Miss Haylee Ray 12-24-2012” will only be produced in 3 copies, one for Haylee Ray, one for the artist and one for the patron who would care to commission the work and purchase it through our affiliation with Amazon to record all authenticity of the work. Here below you will find a large representation of the work, and if your interested in commissioning the work, simply contact me, Romero using the comment section at the end of the article. Enjoy!!!

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