How to Get Beautiful Art That Will Blow Your Mind at a Bargain
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For instance, do you want to buy original art at an affordable price that doesn’t empty your bank? Dress your empty walls with beautiful art from Ikohaus.  
In fact, at Ikohaus, we love creating and want you to experience that same passion with us. As artists, it’s our responsibility to give people something that can expand their mind and stimulate their imagination. 

We realize that not everyone can afford to have an original piece of beautiful art to display in their home. So, Ikohaus is offering an original single edition work for $350 plus shipping and handling. We created this deal for people who want to build or start a collection and didn’t think original art that’s affordable was possible. 

Maybe it’s crazy, or maybe it’s crazy cool. We’ll find out, but first, we have to try. As a matter of fact, below is the work that’s available for purchase.

Beautiful art available for purchase

Beautiful art by Romero
Maryborough Central Victoria

Artists: Romero and M. Beresford 
Title: Maryborough Central Victoria, 2008 
Medium: Giclée printed on Matte eggshell finish heavy cardstock 
Size: 20″ x 0.1″ x 16″ 
Price: $350

Maryborough Central Victoria by Romero and Maggie Beresford is an original single edition of which the only other in existence is the artist proof. The Giclée painting shows a landscape of Phillips Botanical Gardens located in Maryborough, a city in Victory, Australia, featuring two colorful red roses. Romero uses bold, powerful brush strokes to create a lasting visual impression. The lavish green colors create an exquisite garden atmosphere. Even if you don’t have an art collection, you can build a collection by starting with Maryborough Central Victoria.


Tips for using your new beautiful art
Furthermore, are you frustrated with an empty space on your wall? Try these simple tips to transform your empty walls: 

  1. Start by deciding which blank wall needs filling. 
  2. Go look around your home right now, is there a wall crying for some attention? Or maybe a small corner that needs some tender loving care (TLC). 
  3. Next, showcase a single statement work of art. It’ll become the center of attention and take the focus away from a blank space.
Beautiful art by Romero
Maryborough Central Victoria


On the other hand, you might consider displaying this work in your office. For example, if you own a business you may want to hang this piece in the lobby or in the break room to boost productivity. Because of the fact that art in the workplace shows that you care about your employees. And that you want to create an inviting atmosphere for your clients and customers.


More importantly, by displaying this art in your home you’d be supporting an avant-garde artist. Imagine what this piece will be worth years down the road? Can you imagine that?


In other words, not only will you be creating personality in your home. But you will also be investing in art. However, art collecting is not just for old people. Actually, that’s a myth.


For the simple reason that millennials are investing in art. 

In conclusion, beautiful art doesn’t have to break your bank. Also, display your Maryborough Central Victoria painting in your dining room as it will be the topic of conversation. Or gift it to an art lover.


Want to purchase original art? Email Maryborough Central Victoria to your collection today.

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