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Art by unknown artists photo taken by Romero
at friends Atlantic Beach, NC property

Sitting on the sand beaches late in July,
Watching some birds singing softly as they fly,
And deeper- together they go into the sky,
I feel so delighted now-there is no need to cry.

Suddenly I wish I was born little bit behind,
Maybe life was better- convinces the poor mind,
I shall not give up living and being so kind,
I hope someday-peace my heart shall find.

I will live my own life, maybe that’s worthwhile,
Respect everyone and none shall I ever revile,
This journey is too long I begin by one mile,
I shall walk and stop not ‘cause that’s being senile.

Struggling hard to survive-breathing to my last,
I shall stop at nothing until I go to the dust,
Reaching my destination in my mind that’s must,
Achieving my turning point that comes first.     

___Tito John Msembi [2014]


They say that life is too short- oh yes I tell them!

photo by Romero

But life well lived; only once is enough,

Why do we live? Some people may ask,

But a writer once wrote that we may-

Live for 27,375 days equivalent to 75 years,

And yet become useless for all that time,

If we can’t figure out the two vital days-

In our life, that is, the day we were born,

And the day we realize why we were born,

The meaning of life must be told to no man,

Let them live and figure that out,

If you don’t have something to live for,

Then find something to die for,

Because if you can’t stand for something,

Then you will end up falling for anything,

And as the sun rise and set never give up the chase,

The chase for the rise of a good future,

For the future is always bright-

And so dark are the paths leading to it,

Curse not the darkness just light some candles,

But why are we living? A mere person may keep on asking.

Tito John Msembi (2014)

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