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Digital art is a term used to describe art that is made or presented using digital technology such as the computer, internet, or television. Because Romero’s Concrete Headrest the artwork is in a digital form, it’s not so easy to destroy it. Once you have a digital copy, you don’t need to worry about it being damaged by the sun or humidity. The colors will never fade, the work will never tear, the shades will not smudge under your finger. Moreover, your work will not get lost in a fire or from moving, and nobody will steal it from you.

Digital Art: IkoVuX Requirements

Romero is launching 50 copies of his new work entitled Concrete Headrest. The work is available in Alpha commercial format. 

Benefits of Digital Art

Digital art also makes it easier for Romero to share the work with patrons. You can view and show your work to people right from your television. 

You don’t need to wait for your work to arrive in the mail. A few clicks and your work is available for you to cast on your television. It can be easily sold this way, too.  Digital art is clean and convenient to produce.

Digital Art: Concrete Headrest 

All in all, digital art is convenient for art collectors and artists. Display your favorite works by Romero on your television.


What are your thoughts on Romero’s new work? Share with us in the comments which room in your house you would display your new work.

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