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File:The Love of Zero
35mm film Robert Florey1928

!kohaus relaunched a Beta today of it’s newly formatted Google component gallery. Now there’s a virtual museum where you can not only view the works in an Avante-garde setting you can actually become a patron, and buy works through Google Wallet.

The project was relaunched to spur wandering members to refocus on the ikohaus credo of a “Well Made House” and provide a real push of the Avante-garde artist into mainstream commercial appeal. The uptake of artists in the Google+ Ikohausengae circle is kind of slow, but we hope to show with this beta the possibilities of using components to promote our art rather than spending enormous amounts of time developing apps, we artists can spend our time creating.

Looking forward we expect to be readily using Google+ Hangouts where you will get a chance to meet our artist, ask questions to find out what they are all about and looking to the future find a place where you may want to learn from our artists in an Avante-garde Google+ Hangout Institute learning environment?

“Kicking and inventing apps may be great…but the Future Belongs To The Art!sts When They Create !t.

The full working beta from our !kohaus Art!sts Gallery. To apply for a position as an !kohaus art!st email ikohaus@gmail.com


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7 years ago

Hi Carlos,
Just wanted to say I loved our conversation via phone earlier today. I am excited about working with you and everyone else here.
My name is Mischelle Dawn Wright, I am disabled with Seizure Disorder and also considered legally blind. I have Glaucoma and Diabetic Retinopathy. That doesn't stop me from taking lovely photos and making incredible art… I praise a Higher Power for my work!

Photography is my life. I love to photograph anything I can!

hope to meet many people here…

7 years ago

Yes we had a great conversation and welcome to Ikohaus feel at home…”We create in a nonphysical space and it is in the midst of this nexus that we relate to each other”. by master wordsmith Michael Kendrick Brown

7 years ago

Great words! spoken by a true Literary Genius!

7 years ago

I'd like to be able to add photos here. Is there such a feature that I am over looking?

7 years ago

Carlos, I have a question for you.
What is the story behind the Image you have posted in the gallery,

name :


I would love to hear what the inside scoop is on this story image. It's very interesting to me.

7 years ago

Yes I would have to have you as a guest blogger. First I suggest you write a piece and include photo's like in Gmail and I'll guest blog you a couple of times and then open up permissions for you to be a contributor as I have this blog connected to my group and every blog launched here gets put out now to about 1 mil twitter follows and I'm only allowed 2 per day

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