IkoVuX Technology Update – Ikohaus
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Pioneering a new technology process can be daunting, especially for an Afro/Hispanic/American artist. Like minimalist art, many seek to minimize and in-authenticate the achievements made, then appropriate the processes as if they created them.

This is what I have come to realize as in 2008 when I won an eight year long argument with Amazon that a living artist should be able to list their work on Amazon [read more about that from 2012 here].

Let me try to shorten the process here I have tried and tested out all of the platforms, Amazon, Facebook, Coinbase Commerce and OpenSea.

The current conclusion I come to is that Amazon is great for the physical works in a sense because patrons have currently a recognized place to resell their asset. However they look for quite a substantial cut in terms of shipping and fees, which can be non existent on digital works.

facebook splat

Facebook is the one that blocked any crypto currency on their platform, only to be secretly creating their own consortium of new controllers of a decentralized technology, once again centralizing the power under a big FinTech’s control.

Coinbase has a good web based app able to accommodate fiat currencies and may different types of crypto but customer service and support is notoriously absent and can be quite daunting. There is a notion that as Facebook grows its crypto consortium it could gobble up Coinbase.

With that lastly we are back to Open Sea which is a platform that you can use fiat currency at up to $50 per day. You can also buy a platform specific currency called WETH with Ethereum or other forms of crypto.


OpenSea is the platform we are back to pushing because at 2.5% it is the most decentralized with options for users familiar with crypto and those that are just getting their feet wet with blockchain enabled art assets.

Something of note in our IkoVuX digital view technology system is, our collectible art assets are carbon neutral and shareable globally to various connected devices via direct view, mirroring and even Google Chromecast or Home. Your asset remains secured and authenticated in the cloud where others can appreciate your collection.

Essentially we have moved the museum or gallery into the cloud universally available.

June 27, 2019