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We already pioneered our BitArt concept using simple blockchain technology just about a year ago with a work of art and Patron “0”

Patron “0” was Dr Yoriko Todd that purchased the Alpha work “Mist” on February 8th 2017 using our blockchain business app Coinbase for a test price of $10USD.

That was the bitcoin equivalent of 0.009676BTC. Now the work is worth $68.27USD, is totally digital, protected against forgery by being view only and is available to view on almost any display device.

Now we seek a very special Patron [1] One. This patron if selected has a very good opportunity with current low pricing in cryptocurrency to realize gains. To qualify you must have a Google Gmail account, be familiar with mirroring or screencasting with Chromecast or any other compatible applications.

There will be only one singular issue of our latest work “Interwoven 4/8/2018” released. Keeping in our pioneering democratizing technology, we now use Coinbase Commerce accepting cards, banks and crypto. The price of your work is pegged to Bitcoin at the time your payment clears.

Interwoven by Romero
Interwoven by Romero

coinbase $250USD Buy with Cards, Banks, and Crypto

Interwoven 4/8/2018 an Avant-garde work by Romero *Must have Gmail address

April 8, 2018

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