“Internet Archive.org the New Egyptian Pyramid” – Ikohaus
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“Internet Archive.org the New Egyptian Pyramid”

With the current state of IT technology on the web, it is becoming most evident of the enormous advantages that are attainable with storage. Yes, we are talking about art, and as related to the walls on the Egyptian Pyramids. The Egyptians carefully archived the daily life with pictures and pigments that were capable of lasting thousands of years.

The Internet Archive.org’s project involves storing the entire internet on Petabyte Clusters of servers, for life forever! We’ve been utilizing this service now for quite some time. However now, in a more forward looking strategy, we will embark upon storing all the work created, every work, piece, film, short, blog, people that have come in contact with the artist will be preserved on the Archive. We know our work may be out and ahead by 10 to 20 years, so what better way to preserve for the future this body of work to be, analyzed and appreciated than by placing it fully, with creative commons for the public.

We feel that anyone foresighted enough to own any of the actual works will be a pioneer, when the rest of the world catches up. We have taken the precautions to protect original works with simple fingerprints and signatures which in no way appear on the Archive site. Journey with us as we embark upon this project, and may you be included in the artists’ work of creation of art amongst the people!

January 10, 2010

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