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Involving Social Media

I have long thought about involving other people or Social Media in the Art process. But until the advent of the computer and the current proliferation of Social Media tools the thought could not materialize. So after formatting the beginning concept of using Social Media to set value, the idea came upon how to actually involve people in the creation of a work. Unlike Cristo, whose grande ideas I had but not the funds to materialize. What if we didn’t make the art on a Grande scale, but instead used a Grande scale to make the art?

Ahhh Ha
A stroke of genius! Everyone has some artistic capability. It just remains to envision it. To simply journey and got to the store, or even a watering hole, one must imagine and draw the route in the mind to get the physical self to implement the action. So…maybe we can use this inherent ability to exert a reaction through social means on a willing set of people to contribute just a small piece of creativity that could be combined with the Social Consciousness of many?

Let Us Begin
Let us begin by just starting out with “Value”. We have a work entitled “14th Street Union Square Demonstrator Zoom 5/26/2008” that has already been printed in a limited edition of 2. Let us watch the video blog describing the work and leave comments to set the value and see what happens on the Amazon platform.

After Which
We will proceed to do an Anti-Cristo “Swarm Like” work constructed by many participants and placed into the art process by Ikohaus. You are now a part of the Avante-Garde artists movement of the 21st Century.


October 25, 2012

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So after formatting the beginning concept of using Social Media to set value,

We are looking for viewers to leave comments on what price they think we should set