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No IP4S is not a new internet protocol exactly, especially as we are on IP6. Rather it is a new Ikohaus Project designation that will create affordable Avant-garde fine art with the academic university student budget in mind.

We know that students work on a really tight budget, but like to enhance their dorm room or apartments with really cool unique works of art. So what if we designed a work in an environmentally friendly manner, and kept the work in an embryonic unique digital state, until the patron commissioned the piece? That would be our project IP4S Internet Protocol 4 Students.

The first work which will be sold through Amazon and appear on a reconstructed facebook page is: “The Bee 9-29-13” pricing still remains to be worked on along with the producer of the work we will choose.

So now college students as we’ve seen will be able to have real artists work on their walls and know that they are unique signed one of a kind works. Stay tuned for more on this project.

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September 29, 2013

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