It’s A Glut Out There – Ikohaus
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It’s A Glut Out There makes me wonder sometimes
how I keep from goin’ under
Don’t Push Me Cause I’m Close To The Edge!

A play on the famous hip hop words from Grandmaster Flash “The Message”

Well we seem to be getting the message loud and clear the field for our HD video streaming although on the cutting edge is really crowded with a lot of YouTube style TV channels. Now we’re completely different from that, but without a lot of big money clout behind us and promotions, no one can figure out where there.

We blazed a trail there, that isn’t easy to duplicate, but it is hard work programming a network for content, promoting it and being live on the air too. It would be a lot easier were it revenue producing, but without a sponsor it just ain’t so.

We also pioneered an mp4 music video to download model of distribution, but once again it seems it’s not the service artists are looking for.

So we’ve got another stealth project going on code named “Tweet N2 Darkness”

Keep it locked n check out today’s #wetookhiphopback playlist:


June 7, 2013

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