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Whheeeewwww what a title but ok this is how it’s going down…


We know the youth of the World have adopted twitter in rapid real time expression of themselves, so that’s where we found this young teenage dance crew out of the United Arab Emirates. It was a shock to us at first for a Jerk Crew to be coming from out of the Arabic World, but then we’re the ones that created these “Indigo” youth’s from the 60’s with our “Age Of Aquarius“.

by JerkBoyz SwagFame

Who We Are


We are just a small crew of five people @Zoozooba_Jerk , @melojerk, @moossjerk, @lilmelojerk @jbjerk2  that goes by the name of the JKBZ. We are young teens, our oldest is @MeloJerk who is 19 while @Jbjerk2 (the youngest) is 14 years old. We’re from the middle east, UAE to be specific.


Where We’re From & What We Do


Grew up in a city named RAK. We started Jerkin (dance style) 2 years ago, back in the days when people like The Rangers started spreading the movement. We first got in the movement when we say the New Boyz’s ” your a jerk” music video. Then decided to work on our dancing since then. Many of us where into different dance styles before we started focusing on jerkin. Like we used to Krump, tut, and a little of break dancing. But we started to take dancing more seriously since our first video. Then decided to improve our skills and share videos on youtube. Its more of a hobby to us, and we really want to spread the movement over by our region because there is barely anyone that knows about jerkin.


Why We Jerk


The Jerk movement means alot to us because it was the only way our crew was able to get together. So we are trying to spread the jerk movement over by our side of the world, so make sure yall help us achieve that by sharing our youtubepage around ( www.youtube.com/jerkboyzswagfame ) and by following our twitter @JerkBoyzSwag

@JerkBoyzSwag – #RANDOM | S/O to @BlackCaesarX | #JKBZ | Watch in HD !!!!

October 16, 2012

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