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Carlos L Romero is an Avant-garde artist, specializing in digital paintings photo paintings and portraits.
In the Wikipedia definition Avant-garde means “advance guard” or “vanguard”, to refer to people or works that are experimental or innovative.

Born in 1952 in Washington Heights-Harlem, NY; birthplace of the Harlem Renaissance, Carlos developed a passion for art and drawing at an early age while growing up in the Suburban North Bronx.

Carlos L Romero Artist

From the age of about 3 ½ years old I can remember sitting in a high chair in our apartment after eating a lunch and asking my mother for something to do. It always inevitably turned out to be, “here are a paper and a pencil, why don’t you draw something?” To which I would exclaim, “What should I draw?” I was infatuated by the book “Harold and The Purple Crayon “, by Crockett Johnson and dreamed if I had a magic crayon like that what I could draw. Now I do a digital stylus!

My mother was full of useful suggestions for which I would go inside my head and conjure up the image, to be transcribed upon the paper. Soon in Kindergarten, finger painting became so much fun, but lacked the sharp shiny brilliance it had when wet, to when it dried. I thought if only I could retain this brilliance? Maybe if someone could marry the process to our new Color TV it would be possible. But however to get the work into there, I wondered. Thanks to Mom and our many trips to the Art Museums all around New York, I saw some of the greatest works of art and often daydreamed in school, what the artists might be doing while I learned and gained knowledge in my classroom seat.

As time went on in the mid 60’s I turned to cartooning fascinated by the stories and art of Stan Lee’s Marvel Comics. I created a

character that brought much fun to my classmates in episodes called “Dumb Thumb”, a takeoff on the movie “Tom Thumb” a little boy no bigger than your thumb.

At Brooklyn Technical High School from 1967-1970 my art became more focused and directed towards creating and thinking using the Industrial Design Process. I am sure this lead to the technical innovations that I sought to realize in the art form. Then on to the prestigious Pratt Institute where a grounding and exploration into the Western Civilization of Fine Art and Video began. After quite a few years there, restlessness evolved, to create in a manner that had not yet been quite invented. Along with the fact that Universities had financial issues with students granting one amount but actually giving another, it was decided I would take the Bill Gates route and couple their knowledge with my forward thinking and leave Pratt.

Brooklyn Technical HS Industrial Design Class Photo circa 1969/70 pre-graduation

On into the real world this artist would travel the early Soho of the 70’s and had one gallery owner wanting to place my works on consignment, but believing my work to be as valuable as Picasso, De Kooning or Pollock, politely refused to the amazement of waiting patrons and exited. From there on works were lost to the constant NYC nomadic apartment changes or sketched on whatever paper or materials were available and can be seen here: http://archive.org/details/1993ArtArchive
2006 was the re-incarnation for this artist with technology finally catching up to my creation and thought processes developing to what you see here on Saatchi.

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