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Kehlani at Power 106 on The Cruz Show

Last night, I saw Kehlani live in a Winter Concert at East Carolina University (ECU) presented by the Student Activities Board. 

Who is Kehlani?

Kehlani is a Grammy-nominated, 20-year-old R&B singer, and songwriter from Oakland, CA. You may know her for hits like “You Should Be Here” or “The Way”, her sold-out tours, numerous magazine covers, and the infamous Tsunami Mob. Sometimes referred to as Lani, Baelani, or the Bay Area’s Princess.


The Kehlani Pre-Show 

Noodles (Noodz), her tour DJ told the crowd she had been waiting all her life to be in North Carolina to play Petey Pablo’s “Raise Up”.  All I could think while listening to Noodz’ mixes is, she’s dope. It’s not often you see a female DJing with her kind of skill and energy. 

Before Kehlani could grace the stage with her presence the audience chanted “Kehlani, Kehlani, Kehlani!” Once Lani took the stage, she took a moment to chant “Purple, the crowd replied back with “Gold”.  Then, she proceeded with the first song of the night, “You Should Be Here”, which debuted the R&B charts at number 2 in 2015. 

The Kehlani Concert

As the show continued, I couldn’t help, but notice her stage presence as she moved from end to end on the stage. She definitely has a connection and interacts with her audience. In the middle of her performance, she grabbed a fan’s cell who was probably recording the show and gave them an up close and personal memoir to take home. 

From time to time during the show, Kehlani would share stories with us in the audience. For example, how people kept telling her she would never make it to where she is now, and the inspiration behind her “Alive” video, which was shot unprompted in Hawaii.


Just as Lani was going to share another story about fans messaging her about being alone, she walked across the stage to where two fan signs were being held. She took the two fan signs, one of which had a sun on it, commented “Ohh this has glittersss, I fucks with you” and told the audience she was going to keep them. After she placed the fan signs to the side, she continued her story and encouraged everyone after they leave the show to do some random acts of kindness. 


Kehlani before the Winter Concert at ECU

All in all, I did enjoy myself at this concert. I  am so glad I could see her live. Her music not only appeals to young females but young males as well. It’s great to see a young woman living out her dreams and empowering fans through her music. 


There’s not a single negative thing I could say about her performance. The last song of the night was “Did I” and as Kehlani thanked fans for coming out, the unexpected happened. ECU’s sound system went out! That didn’t stop her from sincerely thanking the fans. She quickly grabbed the fans attention, asked fans in the audience to be quiet, and continued where she left off. 

All in all, I was so excited to see Kehlani perform and I would see her in concert again! She came to give a show and didn’t disappoint. Not only did Lani give us a great show, but I as well as other fans walked out with some inspirational takeaways.

Photo by David Camarena


Have you ever been to a Kehlani concert? What was your experience like?


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