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I’ve decided my group will be using and come from the underground. Being so far ahead were making a move to the underground with our work. We’ll make it available on line and at certain galleries and stores among our artists areas, but rather than striving for the limelight we’ll concentrate back on Art 2 the People.

The stars have always guided us where we wished to go
And in the movement of our mercies
To each a gift is given

With unmeasured hand

Michael Kendrick Brown

Carlos Romero
June 16 at 1:13pm
Never got a comment about the video?????

Can I post it to my art website???????????????????????

Octavian Florescu
Friend Requested
Today at 6:09pm
My dear friend, I am so sorry I did not have the time to answer to your fantastic work what you did for me. I am still in California trying to do something with my work; hard hard, hard…..but I hope!
For the film, of course just go ahead.
Thank you

Carlos Romero
Today at 9:12pm
Man I shouldn’t even talk to you but…..I like to joke so I’m glad you liked it. I still need the ending. You opened my eyes to many things in my art direction, I’m actually heading a small faction of WAF artists that into the experimental Avante-garde style which encompasses your philosophy too but uses modern technology.

I am still sure that my time spent with you was my chance at being with a future giant in the art world. I look forward to working with you again.

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