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No not – Make America Great Again.

Yes we Avantgarde Artists co-opted the Hashtag #MAGA and transformed it into art – #MakeAvantgardeArtGreatAgain.

10 long years ago, in January of 2009 almost 3 years after arriving in Greenville, NC from NYC I wrote an article called ‘Advancing The Garde‘. I had come to the realization that I was in fact an Avantgarde artist.

Photo by Angelina Litvin
Photo by Angelina Litvin

The advance technology processes that were created before me such as the Giclée process were not readily accepted or recognized formally as art. As I developed the process more and more and pushed the boundaries I recognized what Who’s Who In America recognized.

I was becoming a pioneer, an Avantgarde artist. When I would go into the local FedEx office to pull Giclée artist proofs, art students from East Carolina University would observe ask questions and copy the techniques taking them back to the school spreading the concept.

Let us fast forward to today right now in 2019 the concept is quite refined now and a process with global potential and philanthropy has emerged. I take stock in the fact that historically all one has to do is search through my articles as I did and they can follow how what I call IkoVuX evolved.

Now some honest observations that I have made as I have developed over the years and turn more towards art, culture and move away from the mainstream social media, such as Facebook in particular.

Facebook rewards creativity with likes, the value system in appreciating art there has become seriously corrupted. The have verified my page facebook.com/Ikohaus but if I have anything unorthodox, experimental or avantgarde if must meet with ‘terms and conditions’.


‘Terms and Conditions’ another way of saying we want to control your creativity. We can unethically lose tons of peoples data, but if you want to use an accredited means of selling art on a decentralized platform we don’t control, you will violate our community standards.

Hence #MAGA is stolen from the right for #MakeAvantgardeArtGreatAgain and transform the value system from the corrupt ethics of the commercialized to the value where the artist can decentralize the authority and deal directly with the patron.

This is being a truly social artist as the platform for authenticity and provenance Codex Protocol allows Ikohaus to become a verified auction house. Along with Opensea ? a project that allows us a platform to auction the work while affording affiliates a small commission in helping to promote the sale of works.

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