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written by —BEKAY Friday Jan 23, 2015 9:00p EDT

I’m proud to announce I will be a part of “MAN AND A DOG WATCH BOXING” a new blog that will be up and running in the coming months!

I will be live reporting news, our very own articles, picks, analysis, p4p rankings, and everything boxing, with a special twist.

Stay tuned. NEWS LEAK..Now being that I am being bombarded with boxing news as of late, the first piece of news I decided to leak now is something we’re all being fooled by. Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather will NOT be fighting this May 2nd. FACTS. What we’ve all been reading and hearing is simply another false tale told by promoter Bob Arum in hopes of bringing attention to his fighter Manny Pacquaio. This is a relativity pathetic ploy that Arum seemingly does EVERY SINGLE TIME Pacman is in between fights. Now do we want this fight? HELL YES, we all do. Yet the facts remain this is nothing more then blabber in a somewhat successful attempt to make Mayweather the bad guy, while all along there are very little in the negotiation department actually happening.

The scary fact is Arum himself is actually a large reason for the fight not being made. Whether Floyd likes to use Arum as an excuse, or there is legitimacy behind this claim, his presence alone remains a hard fact on why Mayweather and camp refuse to move forward in creating this fight.

We at ‘Man and a Dog Watch Boxing’ share your frustrations with both parties and want nothing more but to see this blockbuster take place. Upon talking to various different sources it is more clear then ever that Bob Arum has planted a blatant lie, in hopes to deceive the public and “scare” Floyd into combat. TISK TISK Mr Arum. Three open mouthed barks in your direction and more importantly a large amount of smh’s and frown emoticon’s. Never the less don’t expect a showdown this May 2nd between the Filipino congressman, and the flamboyant pretty boy.

Our advice here at ‘Man and a Dog Watch Boxing’ isn’t just to demonize Mayweather (which we welcome and is deserved), but to also start to put pressure on Bob Arum to get the hell out of the way! If he can’t we really wish Manny would exercise some will and brain power and leave the “white Don King’s” side, even if just to appease the reluctant Mayweather. After all this would leave the p4p king excuse-less. We realize this isn’t a responsibility on the part of the Pacman, but I think we all know Floyd sadly just doesn’t give a damn. As long as Arum remains a figure in Pacquiao’s fight career, pretty boy will have no reason to stop his claim that Arum is the roadblock. We are growing thin on patience with Mayweather even in this, one of his most heralded arenas of discussion, and can’t see another way to disable the p4p king of his excuse pad.

As our many “grow up’s” and “let’s go Floyd’s” go ignored, we sadly accept it’s his prerogative, and can only hope for the congressman to be the bigger man. Waiting on Floyd to do so? Well, it’ll just leave us fight-less. Stay tuned for more breaking boxing news as our blog gets set to launch the 2nd quarter of this year.
Your humble lyricist,

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