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Little do most people know that it has often been a custom for local artisans, that design and craft goods in the highest quality, to give those works to the White House for installation. If the works are included in the White House they help to reflect the American Society at that particular point in Presidential history.

We would have to say that the inception of this work started back in 1992 under then president Bill Clinton, when the founder of Ikohaus, “Romero” studied telecommunications and built his own computer in college. The master artist Romero spent much of his time however pondering the concept of how to make an artist digital and be social amongst the American people at the same time. 

Let us fast forward to 2007 and move from NYC to Greenville, NC. Having faced employment companies going bankrupt, wife succumbing to and dying of breast cancer, then the World Trace Center attack in front of his face and being a homeless single father with two girls Romero realized this is the artists life he chose, to be the embodiment and soul of all what it was like to be beset upon by hardships and steeled in the perseverance of the early American Revolutionists and document historically in art and music these struggles of a people. For in fact as long as one had an internet connection in this new frontier, one could create this art from anywhere, even Greenville, North Carolina.

Dino Dogan of Triberr writing to Saul Fleischman
circa 250,000 BCE

The Missing Component
Something was missing? We couldn’t quite figure out what it was, but we artists weren’t quite yet penetrating the global mindset of human development in the age of post-technologicalazation. For now the human race had nothing left but it’s own cerebral creativity. In steped Empireavenue and Saul Fleischman the inventor of an app called Rite-Tag, who introduced me to Dino Dogan co-inventor of Triberr. Now with these additional Avante-garde social apps, we Ikohaus artists were completely immersed in the social electronic digital fabric of the human existence. I’m sure none of these entities fully realize what they have done from a historical perspective on empowering the upcoming age of what I’ve coined as “The Age of Creative Reasoning”

60 Days Ago
So now it was 2007 and the Ikohaus Avante-garde artists organization was born right here in Greenville, NC USA, with my self “Romero” as the founder and our 2nd founding member Australian photographer Maggie Beresford. I’ll never forget her asking when I mentioned that this organization that had attained world recognition was in Greenville, NC her saying, “Is that in the United States?” I chuckled; that was the profound concept of this group, based on modern technology it did not matter any longer about location being everything. The focus in the creative process had now been shifted to communication and collaboration being key. On Monday September 17th we tried to get our first collaborative work “Maryborough Waterlilies #5” to First Lady Michelle Obama, but no one heard us during the fracas of the upcoming election.

Finalizing The Work
This extra time gave us a chance to finalize the work. We pulled in our sister site Avante-garde Jazz Drummer Demetrice Everett whose new work “Rainy Day” we felt embodied the American as well as World spirit of the upcoming age and discussed with him how to embed his work, in our work. Maggie loved the idea of presenting our works to the White House and the Presidential Family of Barack Obama as two separate editions one to each. After all years earlier the Australian Government had wondered how some upstart American artist had worked such a picture in collaboration with an Australian, of their famous Maryborough Gardens without ever stepping foot in Australia. Then we discussed the public display of the work meant to be installed in a public area of the White House for all the public to enjoy and inspire them on the American ideals of, “it may be a difficult rainy road now, but their will be a sunny day.”

Here now… 
is a public display of the work for all to enjoy as we endeavor to get this American/Australian work installed into the White House. Enjoy and most all be inspired by the unwavering aspirations of American Freedom, collaboration with global humanity and the desire for all mankind to truly fulfill their intended purpose to serve each other.

We Have Nothing Left But Our Creative Minds
Sit back relax and enjoy this HD art presentation direct to you. Manufactured in Greenville, North Carolina by C Romero, Maggie Beresford Australia and Demetrice “MeatDaDrummer Everett” of Greenville, NC

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xz7p53wZw3Y]

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