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This message was given to me to say on this day from on high:

Many of us strive and seek the attention of others. We want to be the Stupid Star…. we talk the walk of the ALMIGHTY and it all sounds like a very nice story. Others try to emulate you and congratulate you buying into the story. Even you start to buy into the story. 

I am so great!!!! (but what has happened to my Stupid Stardom?)

Let me tell you a little story- One day at about the age of 4 I was in an Edenwald Projects, Bronx NY elevator with my mother and 2 other Black women that were holding a conversation that needed an answer. I spoke up and gave them the correct answer that was needed from my youthful spirit. They turned to my mother and exclaimed, “Wherever did you get him from?”

Startled at first, I felt embarrassed, then I thought about what they said. I knew where I came from, my mother of course, but more importantly, with a religious upbringing, I knew I was given life by The ALMIGHTY.

Now you may be a Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Atheist or whatever faith you subscribe to, but it all comes down to FAITH. You must be able to “walk the talk”. Sure we can all make mistakes and not be perfect.

But in the end, trust this artist because I know that only The ALMIGHTY is the ultimate creator because he can create something from nothing. When you lose your faith, you’re soon to be called home!

If this is not understood check with me when you get to the hereafter and we’ll see who’s right. How I know?….. is another story. 

Thank you Happy Black History Month-Walk The Talk.
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