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I am with you in your thoughts entirely. The terms I usually describe myself with are avant-garde, and experimental. Modern or Contemporary also, it depends who I am talking with. Post-modern I am not quite, which I reserve more for installation and performance art, etc.

– yet at some point there is a break down in these categories and I’ll have more to say about that later.

Definitely include me in your group, but one thing I might add is that developing and inventing ones own TECHNIQUES, which usually comes through experimentation with ideas and process, is KEY to the cutting edge. Things become cliche and an idiom very quickly, and this is a big problem with photography and especially digital photography. If you haven’t written your own software for the digital part, then you’ll probably need to start painting on it radically or effecting it in some physical manner because there are literally millions of kids out there experimenting with photoshop. You might pass this on to Maggie for me before I see her work so that I say it unsubjectively. In fact, in the form of a discussion for everyone to get in on. Our faction should have a place, be it notes on Facebook, or our own website, where we can discus ideas and state manifestos and ideas. So all this is on the record.

Surrealism in its hey day had manifestos, but these guys now are all caught up in an idiom no matter how sublime they are. Octavian is the most original of them by virtue of his beautiful weirdness and philosophical nature, though his literalness keeps him in one place, I think. For this group to advance they will need also to be avant-garde and experimental, even post-modern, in their case. for their idiom already exists and was modern. Maybe we could show them a thing or two.

Through experimenting with ideas, collaborations, techniques, and processes, we may, if we are lucky, stumble upon something that could be presented as a group show, by our faction, which might be viewed as finally a new art movement.

As to internet, for 3 months I will have no broadband access and no wireless service because I am in a wilderness area without a nearby cell phone tower. I am waiting tables at the Lake Yellowstone Hotel Dining Room in Yellowstone Park, Wyoming.
General Delivery, Lake Station, YNP WY 82190

http://www.facebook.com/l/;www.kenboe.com (full of my ideas and poetry)

Thanks Carlos

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