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“Hey we’ve got this new social media buzz and its really the new way to communicate our product. But let’s continue to do things the way we normally do and make it an avenue for the upwardly mobile. I mean after all we can’t use any S.N.A.P. benefits on the internet and all our white colleagues that really count have the remaining managerial and executive positions. The rest of those out of work, lower class and minority blue party people are just losers!”

Now those are not CPirateNetworks words, but they probably echo the sentiments of many of your Fortune 500 companies and others.

Riddell Cleats 1970

Wonder what’s really wrong with the American economy? Well it’s been going on for decades and continues. Anyone remember the “Riddell” helmets and football cleat company? Once the darling of the NFL, college and HS football before NIKE was even thought of? Hey they’re still around and talk a good game but their cleats went the way of the dinosaur. You want to know why? If it’s not broke don’t fix it, we BIG BOYS know it all! 44 years ago as an Industrial Design student that played football from NYC under one of the Italian legends Adam Cirillo (coaches club consisted of Joe Paterno, Vince Lombardi and Cirillo) I wrote to Riddell about a new football cleat logo I had designed which all we young cats we’re looking for. Long story short, they politely told me get lost we pay big bucks to make a plain shoe, nobody wants designs and if they did our big money boys would know. 

Oooopppsss that’s gotta hurt Nike eventually swooped in and basically owns the entire sports industry. Why? American companies are not socially geared to the actual makeup of society, they actually still formatted to the makeup of the Good Ol’ Boy network that has worked for them for so long, because Jeez these society types got to buy their goods from somebody.

BANG in comes disruptive technology inherently more agile than the status quo with it’s insular layers of corporate control structure, gold parachutes and bottomline loyalty. Ethics? Eewwww that’s so 16th Century.

CPirateNetwork…technology…social disrupter. Hey poor Rudolph can’t join in any Reindeer games? Now I think poor Rudolph has reinvented the game. 

Most TV now only consists of big money pro sports and low budget reality TV. So we’ve stepping in to fill the void by streaming music videos live worldwide to BYOD, iPhones, iPads, tablets, android system devices and computers.

Without giving away anymore stealth mode secrets here’s a promo for a show we do on Tuesdays and Saturdays called The DrtyBsmnt BlackCaesarX Video Show that uses twitter, fb, Instagram and Google+ to communicate with fans and followers. Until the next time this is BlackCaesarX saying, “Back To You Nelly!”

November 11, 2013

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