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Open letter from avant~garde art!st Octavian Florescu: Dear Carlos,
Thank you for your kindness, but I am OUT of WAF, so …….

Dear Octavian,

Ahhhh I thought as much, well my interview was by design called “Artist to Artist”, it will stand the test of time

so………         how about joining my group of like minded artists? !kohaus Avant~Garde art!sts???
There is no fee to join. I would love to blog about you joining us, I would link your site to mine http://www.carloslromero.com and just ask you provide a reciprocal link to mine. Our main members are Maggie Beresford, digital photographer from Australia, Michael K Brown poet (Master Wordsmith) and Ken Boe (remember him at California) who is on the fringes and still doing his thing.

You know my heart, art and direction, so right now I’m preparing to talk with an Executive’s Chef’s restaurant here in Greenville to exhibit our art and would love to be able to offer authorized Giclee’s of your work for display and sale their also.

No matter your decision you know artist 2 artist I will keep in touch.

Dear Carlos,
You know my attitude toward art, I am ready to embark to any art movement, real ones.
I will be happy to join your group if you give me a link and of course I will link my site to yours.

Dear !kohaus Avant~Garde art!sts,

I wanted you all to know first, that we are welcoming a pre-eminent Avant~Garde, surreal if you will artist into our midst. My good buddy from the California WAF show has joined our !kohaus (well made house) Avant~Garde art group.

As I consider Octavian a prime artist in the avant~garde field, I will be writing a blog about this addition, as well as adding his name and a direct link from my site http://www.carloslromero.com.

Do not take any slight or offense to my sight being the central focal point for !kohaus, for it was upon meeting Monica Palermo and Maggie Beresford and explaining my Avant~Garde tendencies, that I found there were many knowing and unknowing like minded artists that just needed to be united under a term for the experimental and far reaching art different than most that was being done.

I am sure that Ken Boe may have much to say about this, but at this time what we really need is to put forth this group. Much of what we do I’ve embedded into the archive.org site and we must realize that it will be there for life, forever, so even in 200 years people will have a record of what was transpiring with this visionary art group.

I can handle many more links to those members that have content they wish shown to the world. Just ask Michael K Brown, about my geekdedness and you will find I’m about 20 years out with computer connectivity and technology for art.

We have unlimited storage capacity, privately in a company I’ve been successfully evaluating called Nirvanix, that can supply unlimited storage for all our digital pictures, writings, music or video. However I am charged on an upload, download and gigabit storage basis, the cheapest I’ve found so you can take advantage of this and I can set up an account for you, but would have to charge you whatever usage costs your account incurs. Just let me know and I can set it up for anyone. It is an excellent means to transfer large gigabits of content without having to make copies, tapes, CD’s or DVD’s (avant~garde but of course).

So finally I say to you welcome Octavian Florescu, may this moment go down in history (maybe Maggie and Michael will do a work on it, Above Water create a HyperCube Jazz Song?).

As always your interesting thoughts and comments are appreciated and anyone else wishing to be more prominently linked just let me know.

Avant~Garde Baby!!!

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