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Now while we are on hiatus, is the time we are moving the Network forward. While it’s really nice to support Hip Hop, Rap, Jazz, Boxing, and some artists really appreciate what we do, but it doesn’t pay the bills.

So simply we’re going to start offering Network channels, complete with our specialized deep reach promotion at a $35/year unique page price. You will be able to program your channel via listing to our email and place ads on your page for an additional cost.  

We’re creating an entertainment package capable of being watched on multiple devices where artists can earn revenue streams also from ad placements of their choice, put to work their own marketing with one unified place for the content. We offer a self-programmed channel for just $50/year.

Tons of creative possibilities, no longer just given away free for people not to value your talent. Songs played on out innovative Mixtape download radio, capability to show live programming via our YouTube broadcast channels.

So things are looking up for 2015 and if your interested drop us a line and join us on the Network. 

December 15, 2014

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