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Life After Django Reinhardt

Django Reinhardt, the Roma genius, born to Gypsy parents in 1910, is considered by many to be the single most important guitarist in the entire history of jazz. To honor the 100th anniversary of Django’s birth, one hundred of his disciples, including his grandson David Reinhardt, have gathered together for the “Django 100” Centennial Tour — traveling the world to pay homage to this exceptional type-setter who marked the 20th century.


Often it can be difficult to get the time or interest to travel out to a Museum or Gallery to be exposed or appreciate art. 

This is the difficulty I have been exploring with a few concept works. I would test conceptual pieces via the internet, but not really be assured of getting any feedback. Social media can be so quirky at times, for the lack of feedback on work, a definite drawback, as I might suppose may have a difficulty in being understood.

After talking with a museum and small town organization I thought perhaps the right vehicle may not have come along. But over three years ago I had a deep discussion with an influential property and business owner in Greenville North Carolina and explained the need to have an art presence on the main thorough fair versus small off the beaten path side streets. 

It was explained to me the financial, time and planning effort that would be needed for such to happen. That was in 2011, this is 2014 and it has now come to pass, “ART AVENUE” located in suburban, Greenville, NC. This site is the Avant-garde forerunner of that site and physical gallery not being a group of international  artists of global stature to wait on the Status quo. 

With that in mind this founder plans to lead the charge from without and within to move the gallery firmly into the grasp of the 21st Century by not only bringing in artists in global stature, but bringing artists from the local scene onto the global arena.

Watch for us as we bring our very first project to fruition with a collaboration of Modern Classical Music Composer Vito Palumbo of Italy, Photographer Maggie Beresford of Australia and founding artists simply known as “Romero”. Below please find a working prototype of the work, which is downloadable to any device: Barocco Museum In A Box v1.0 Concerto ~

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