Nature-inspired art by Romero
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Enjoy outdoor vibes inside your home by displaying nature-inspired art on your TV screen. You can already feel the transition into fall in the air, marked by brisk summer mornings and foliage starting to change color. In the same way, time to shift your summer decor to fall.

Can you believe that summer is almost over and we’re moving into a new season already? Stores are pivoting their displays to fall imagery.

Today, you’ll learn about three works from our Nature Series that will help you effortlessly transition your home from summer to fall.

Why Decorate with Nature-Inspired Art?

We live in a fast-paced society, where people spend the majority of their time behind a screen, on their phone, or social media. How do you disconnect after a long week? Instead of going for a stroll outdoors, opt to bring nature inside.

Do you want to improve your health? Spending time or surrounding yourself with natural elements helps reduce stress and anxiety. Viewing art is also good for your health.

Collecting art is linked to physical and mental health benefits that improve your quality of life. For example, the Nord-Trondelag Health Study collected information from 130,000 Norwegians aged 13 and up. More than 50,000 men and women were questioned in the study about how often they participated in cultural activities like attending galleries and museums or viewing films.

Specifically, 84% of those who participated in at least 4 art-related activities reported good health, and 91% reported a high level of satisfaction in their lives. Furthermore, the study discovered that people who enjoy viewing art receive the same benefits as people who enjoy creating art.

How to Transition Your Space to Fall with Natural Elements

Easily transition your decor from summer to fall with subtle additions. With autumn approaching, you can incorporate earth tones, warm colors, and natural elements for a cozy aesthetic. Earth tones are colors rooted in nature.

Also, choosing natural elements in your decor can make you feel at peace. Neutrals are versatile, pairing with any color palette and style. They also work well in any setting.

For example, in minimalist settings, you’ll find that white and grey pair well in a minimalist setting. On the other hand, wood works well with natural light, creating a comfortable and cozy vibe that looks amazing any time of day.

Fall Foliage

A neutral palette and nature works will help with a seasonal home refresh. Looking for an easy transition to the next season? Try working with neutral palettes.

You can spice up your space with a palette of neutrals, including brown, beige, and deep orange. When adding decorative accents to your home, use white, cream, and ivory to brighten your space and draw your eye to your decorative accents.

Don’t have a neutral color scheme or prefer a pop more color? Opt to decorate seasonally with neutral colors. Or introduce white and cream elements to colorful components to create a cohesive design in a bright and colorful space.

Change your decor from summer to fall by displaying natural elements. Incorporate fall touches by decorating with fall leaves. If you want to ease into fall gently and don’t want to do much redecorating, simple fall foliage with earthy tones displayed on your screen will help you to move from summer to fall.

Nature-inspired art by Romero
#757 Construct 2 Leaf, 2008

Turn your home into an autumnal oasis with “Construct 2 Leaf” by Romero. For instance, give your space a seasonal makeover and bring fall leaves inside with rich colors and luxe textures.


In Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese art of placement, elephants represent fertility, good luck, protection, strength, and wisdom. With this in mind, no wonder why elephant collectibles are popular in home design. In honor of National Elephant Appreciation Day on September 22, browse digital works of elephants, plus find elephant-inspired digital art you can buy for display on your TV.

Whether you want to invite positive energy into your home or admire the sacred animal, below are some decorating ideas.As with art, tap into your personality. What do elephants mean to you?

Moreover, adding elephant pieces to your interior design could bring positivity to your space. As a sacred animal in some cultures, the position of the elephant’s trunk is significant.

An elephant’s trunk pointed upwards represents a showering of good fortune. Whereas, downward trunks store energy and luck. Then again, intertwined trunks signify friendship and love.

Downward trunks symbolize the knowledge and wisdom to overcome obstacles. If you want to stay grounded during the chaos at work or to reserve your strength and vitality at home, the downward trunk elephant might be for you.

Kityo Derrick Kits
#940 On my Journey, 2019

Elephants are known as guardians. Additionally, for a stronger mother and child relationship, display a mother and child elephant duo. You can opt to show the work in parents’ or children’s room.

Nature-Inspired Art available at Ikohaus
Kityo Derrick Kits
#700 Motherly Love

Get lucky by displaying elephant artwork as part of your home decor. Namely, welcome good fortune by viewing “#940 On My Journey” or “Motherly Love” by Kityo Derrick Kits on your TV to enjoy it on a bigger screen.

Reconnect with Nature

Experiencing art can have long-term benefits. Studies have shown that collecting art is linked to physical and mental health benefits. Connect with nature by adding nature-inspired art to your collection.

Viewing nature calms your nervous system. Not only does viewing nature reduce stress, but it also improves your well-being. Connecting with nature doesn’t mean you have to hike a mountain.

When looking for nature-inspired art, choose works that reflect your personality. If you love natural elements and textures, then try displaying Ikohaus’ nature-inspired art series on the screens in your home to bring nature indoors. How are you welcoming the arrival of fall?

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