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Phase III

  Network CPN​ Logo Icon “Phase III” by founder/CTO Carlos Romero​ – An honest word here: Many people have wondered what is CPN doing?


Well do not be amazed hence I will try explain in a blog style right here. I have been in the Telecommunications Industry since 1991.

Studying at Nat Radio Inst I was fascinated by the possibilities of fiber optics and the ability to construct a network with it.

1994 found me with an AT&T project in my then home Bklyn NY Bklyn Army Terminal an experimental project microwaving cellular TV to residents in Bklyn NY.

1996 Dot Com AT&T folded their TV project into data only, too much competition from local incumbent Cable TV providers. I moved down the hallway in the Brooklyn Army Terminal to work with “Russian Jews” in the N.A.S. National Antenna Service.

The NAS sold Russian radio to the Russian Jews living in Brighton Beach​ Brooklyn and were about to ink a deal with DirecTV to allow NAS to become a Master Systems Operator and install DirecTV in NYC apartment buildings.

My team and I were asked to sell the Russian radio while awaiting DirecTV and the American contingent to come on board. I made fast friends with a Russian Jew engineer, Leonid Garber. The most innovative smart electrical engineer I have ever met in my entire life.

From Lenny I learned to test my innovation in a Lab setting, why now I am working under The National Science Foundation (NSF)​, at ECU Idea 2 Impact​, under Greenvilleseedecu​ with help from SBTDC at ECU​. Sadly universities are a lot more open minded then many US companies or government agencies will ever be.

The Fight

All along the early years I was constantly told, “Carlos, you will never have your own channel or a Network for that fact. From 2006 until 2018, twelve years I searched. Google Hangouts, YouTube, Livestream Co., Periscope, Silicon Valley companies like Blab and Stagehound.

I test evaluated them all over the years. But Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook Live had a unique architecture concept none of the others had. The ability to collaborate as a Virtual Network.

Instead of the usual one or two broadcasting to many, many separate entities could broadcast to many autonomously. As can be seen with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, “with great power comes great responsibility”.

This is why when CPN was formed by the artists group I first created Ikohaus​, we set out on a path of social responsibility. Because my clock we are running late getting into the 21st Century. 18 years late.

This is not the Industrial Age, or the Digital Age. It is the long awaited Age of Enlightenment. We are no longer children of God, we are adults of God, or as many you like to say here, #GrownFolk of God.

Yes what we do is disruptive to Southern Soul, Reggae, Radio etc. But people like Deshon Doctordee Shed​, Gota Flika​, Jeffrey Clark​, Elliott Jordan McNaughton​, Candy Sakai​ and myself are innovating strategically with technology mapping the future.

Yes the future can be scary, especially if one does not know the road. But with the help of the Avant-garde like the CPN, we test and push the limits of the envelope to point and show you the sings we erect along the way.

As one of our Ikohaus​ poets Michael KBrown​ would espouse, “We create in a non-physical space, and it is in the midst of this nexus, that we relate to each other”… – Romero​


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