Ok What’s Your Strategy In The Post Record Label Era? – Ikohaus
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The music industry has been suffering a downward spiral for the last decade with the advent of Napster. The main strategy of the majors has been to cut and cut and cut spending.

With a forward looking strategy Ikohaus Music Group has been turned down by every corporation and company we have approached (over 100) with the idea of sponsoring our mid tier artists as a means of promoting their product to the artists peers. They just don’t seem to get it. They believe all 13-23 year old’s have no money to spend, can’t consume alcohol and even though all the while they are spending $30 of Mommy and Daddy’s money on food with friends, $50  on jeans, $300 on a smart phone and can drink when they are 21. Jesus that’s $380 corporate coffer dollars right there!

That’s why we ended up joining forces with Bamzigi and electronic Mizuka dance musician out of Kenya, Purple Elephant Hip Hop Music out of Dallas Texas, Nelboy Aghimien a rapper out of Raleigh, NC by way of Nigeria and Ruby Artist and TV Productions out of Cincinnati Ohio.

These small unheard of minority companies will become the backbone of a new movement in the 21st Century that is Avante-garde, meaning that which is already on the cutting edge. Right now we are streaming 24/7 in HD video and audio on the Livestream platform. When we go live with camera, mic and tracks, we can penetrate right into iPhones, standard cells, tablets, a myriad of mobile devices and standard laptops/desktops, totally circumventing traditional radio, TV, cable TV and satellite broadcast. 

The possibilities become almost endless as we can work in a most favored componentized workflow, Coupling along with this recruiting the artist into our music group we give them the advantages of our klout in social media areas such as twitter, facebook and Google plus to reach their fans.

So you can see that a nimble, disruptive technology can be of great use. Along with our planned future expansion  which can not be disclosed at this time, the future looks very bright indeed for the entertainment industry.

February 27, 2013

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