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Ole’ originally meant OnLine Learning Education but after looking at the slow uptake to the course on our website (Facebook fared better) I have altered the acronym to Open Learning Education.

At this time what I have found is the major problem is being too much of a pioneer, too far ahead of time if you will. This alone can slow adoption because many do not understand and have a value for what I am doing.

Right now in our current valuation system it is inherently corrupt. It is not based on true value, but rather perceived value of inflated sales, contrived and constructed outcomes with creators that help inflate corporations bottom lines and justify institutional endeavors.


Notice if you will education has taken a steady course away from culture and creativity to instruction following. Most can no longer figure what to do unless following a prescribed set of procedures.

We see this all the time follow these given procedures and you will produce XYZ result. This pattern of learning especially in today’s pandemic produces the result of many followers looking for someone to show the way and give them value.

The problem with most corporations that do not follow social responsibility is they never bother to retool society. Instead rather a pattern like their products of a disposable work force.

US workers are costing too much? Chuck them and move operations to China and increase our bottom line. As I indicated this is not culture or value, even in artistic creations instead it rather a created and perceived value in others like a lot of artist like to say it is their brand. In other words it is a product not an art form and value, uniqueness and need has been created by a carefully constructed marketing team following prescribed instructions.

We want to break that valuation system and disrupt it if you will and have realized to do it we need to remove the barriers to adopt and learn creativity and individualistic thought.

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