On The Edge – Ikohaus
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are the !kohaus art!sts really avant-garde, and on th edge?
yes! after speaking with an east carolina university professor, we find it true that we are pioneering new groundbreaking ahead of the status quo. it seems due to economic budget cuts, the university is short on supplies. papers for testing, more students per class and computers going unfixed. I say that after years of unsustainable waste, our concept is fast becoming the sensible alternative method.
the philosophy class is now coming to the realm we avant-garde art!sts have created. working tests on computer just as we produce our work on them, but make no output until necessary. this fact maybe troublesome to a few, but is the way we forsee in the future. I discussed books with professor and how walmart and others have reduced best sellers to $8.99. he reffered to the proprietary kindle reader.
why be so complicated I explaine? we produced michael k brown’s work in a simple pdf format. it can be read on any computer, notebook, smart phone, or even printed out for the reader.
we are all on the path to the future, we !kohaus artists just believe that we must create, evaluate and pro-activate the tools of creation. for if their is not a tool for what we do. we will create it!

October 21, 2009

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