One Man Show “Carlos” – Ikohaus
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   Above are the first of three of my works that currently hang on my studio wall from 2007 on. Upon completion of a community art survey I am implementing some of the various directions suggested by the community for you the patron to acquire these small run pieces.

   Only 2 lazer Giclee’s were made of each on matte finish 8.5″ X 11″ cardstock. They are signed both front and back, and the back retains my thumbprint for authenticity.

   Below you will also find an image of the 3 and the link to acquire them through PayPal. We can discuss the works via an appointed setup with Skype, Google+ or Google chat. If you wish to do so just email Carlos at

The work will ship in a flat in a “Flat Rate” US Priority or International Priority mail envelope with insurance. That cost to you will be determined by the art works destination. If you wish to purchase now you may do so below. Enjoy!

ECU Ballin 11-21-2007 8.5″X12″                   Sold 3/30/2012 ECU Spring Fling
Test Zoom #1 4-14-2010 8.5″X12″ $25
 Runners Zoom 12-26-2007 8.5″X12″ $25

March 1, 2012


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