Call For Artists
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???? OPEN CALL For ARTISTS: Are you a fine artist? Filmmaker? Sculptor, Poet, Composer, Dancer or Choreographer? Just message us at Ikohaus below​ to join our movement, or email

Ikohaus is opening it’s ranks in the new ‘Gig’ economy because we know artists are looking for a means for subsistence and maybe locked out of many means of exposure for their craft. In the area of Fine Arts we are pioneering the use and adoption of digital works end to end. You will learn how to construct works, authenticate them on the block chain and have the ability to offer your works in our Public Ikohaus Gallery on the Codex Protocol and OpenSea’s platform.

For poets, sculptures, dancers and filmmakers we have an already proven breakthrough network approach livestreaming platform on facebook for your creative content both exclusive for paid supporters and general.

Along with our inclusion of creatives we are seeking individuals experienced in marketing sales for generous commissions to help grow the economy for our artists community.

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