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by Romero aka BlackCaesar

I am having a little fun with words here. Hardware is something usually not associated with, artwork. Neither is open source, a term usually relegated for use with software while “In The Crowd” is a play on the popular term, In The Cloud.

In this age of IOT [Internet Of Things] creativity it seems has taken a back seat to technology instead of as a compliment to it. 

Often I have said and been frustrated with life as an Avant-garde artist, which I believe many

people do not understand, but is simply a way of saying “experimental” as in the experimental dance and theaters of NYC during the early 70’s.

The frustration comes from a lack of outlets for displaying my art, adoption of new techniques, collaborating and combining different elements of art, music, dance, technologies. Just face it after a lifetime of regular jobs one should be able to independently earn a living from their craft, while serving others. But maybe that is what is wrong with our society why so many young adults are committing suicide and gone back to using Heroin and Opioid drugs. Trying to escape the uselessness of changing to change things that the system seems to want intact however wrong they may be to the good of humanity.

A few years ago around 2014 I attended a local Greenville, NC community transportation planning meeting. As an avant-garde artist I wanted to see what kind of input I could have on a proposed transportation design and planning session. The changes that were planned were great to revitalize an uptown connector area in a high traffic area. I soon realized that the planners not being real creative thinkers had forgotten an important component of their grand plan.

Smack in the middle of the high traffic area connector was a CSX Rail line, that being a born and raised New Yorker I knew could hamper and tie up traffic for lengthy periods with cars that could typically have over 100 cars. I raised my hand at the point for resident suggestions. As an Avant-garde artist I said it would be creatively thinking that if high traffic and pedestrians are coming from a Highway, large hospital area it would bottleneck and be dangerous to have a staging yard track area with crossing arms. Immediately the concept was shot down as unnecessary and too costly. To counter their argument I explained that surely on a project this size Federal Funds would be available especially where Railroad safety is a concern and unimpeded flow of both traffics.

The answer and solution was that if I wanted to I could write it down as a suggestion to the planning board, but they may not enact it or give credit for the suggestion. As an artist here was my perfect chance to validate my concepts that for so long had gone unheeded, unfilled and unsold. I signed my name to the suggestion just in case for historic purposes anyone wanted to know how this experimental artist worked within his community and in capacity. 

The brings me to our current project “GreenStockings” Dec 11, 2016 completely crowd sourced and sponsor powered. I have talked with a few of musician friends for some years now, if all kinds of businesses and other artist can crowd source we should be able to do the same with a real cause in mind. Giving people a platform to share their creative talents and be appreciated by other like minded people. That is where as the founder of Ikohaus I am asking for your support. Over the years we have done quite a lot to freely promote and give others exposure through a our social media and video technology devices.

Now we are using to fund our project set for Christmas and give back to the people of Greenville, NC and others that would travel. 10% of our net would go to the Community Crossroads Center here that helps the homeless, surely a necessity around Christmas time especially in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew.

We talked to artist friends that agreed to work on this project The Fist Coalition out of Grand Rapids, MI, Female MC Amy True a very progressive young lady out of London England that can hold her own with anyone on the mic and then all the way to South Africa for my buddy young rapper Skrbblzz. Sponsors are welcome with tables available. Should we collect more than necessary we could then use more of our modern technology to stream the event WorldWide.

You can find out more info here or get tickets/sponsor/donate right here

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October 19, 2016