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If you are here you may be interested in becoming a patron of the arts.

What is our IkoVuX digital art? It is, a way to collect art securely in the cloud and display it on your display screen in a 21st Century fashion. 

In development since 2006. With support in 2017 from an I-Corps grant from the National Science Foundation administered by East Carolina University and Greenville SEED @ ECU

A brand new updated ikovux system is here. 




Codex Protocol for authenticity and provenance

We use open democratized tools like Codex Protocol now to provide authenticity for the Ikohaus artists and show the provenance from the time of creation through the various hands of patrons the work travels through.

You can find our public Ikohaus Codex Protocol gallery by clicking the link and from there you can see our works, viewing system via copy and paste. Also a link to our ‘Cryptocurrency’ [this is how records of ownership are transferred to you] Opensea purchasing.