SRBCA Patron

If you are here you may be interested in becoming a patron of the arts.

What is SRBCA? It is, Social Responsibility Block Chain Art. Bringing the democratization of art into the 21st Century.

Simply put we have opened this page so when we are livestreaming on one of our social media properties you can use the Block Chain technology to securely bid on art work.

We will collect your email address, telephone number and physical address to mail physical art works to you. In democratizing art responsibly, just like having a gallery commission, we will instead be donating the excess to subsidize collaborating artists.

Now just like the Medici’s during the Renaissance, you are the Patron behind the 21st century Age of Enlightenment.

So even if you do not win the Auction Perk Work of Art you will know that your donation is as a responsible gift to helping other artist get compensated for their talent, as well as being a Patron of helping to develop and continue my work in art.

Simple mobile button [Don’t have Bitcoin? Our Coinbase powered button allows you to make a secure account with cards or banks]

Donate Bitcoins

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Bitcoin, Cards, Banks and Crypto Currency Accepted

Donate – Pay by Bank, Card or Bitcoin

Even when we are not livestreaming you are able to bid on this work. The thresh hold amount donate bid is $170 $99.00 USD and the first receipt of that amount secures the work for us to contact you for shipping details.

Shipping via FedEx is not included depending on your location and desired shipping schedule.

concrete headrest
Concrete Headrest by Romero W36″X24″H