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If you are here you may be interested in becoming a patron of the arts.

What is our IkoVuX digital art? It is, a way to collect art securely in the cloud and display it on your display screen in a 21st Century fashion. 

This initial offering has been in development since 2006. Originally prototyped using a system created with Google presentation slides the commercial Alpha came about with support from an I-Corps grant from the National Science Foundation administered by East Carolina University and Greenville SEED @ ECU

Here is the brand new ikovux system currently we will only issue an initial run of 50 units, with the work [click link to acquire] “Concrete Headrest – [digital]” at $1500. per unit. It also will include free domestic US shipping of the hardware and one year cloud hosting subscription, a $200 value. 

Use Coinbase to open a cryptocurrency account or your own blockchain crypto flavor. coinbase

Our new blockchain powered purchase system is now open.

Further in about 6 months from the 1st work issued, all patrons will receive a pdf copy of the works registration with the US Library of Congress.

What the IkoVuX system comes with: – The IkoVuX/Brightsign Wi-Fi player pre-configured to your network (you must have Wi-Fi or ethernet enabled internet). – The digital in the cloud view only work (cannot be printed, copied or stolen).

What you will need: Wi-Fi capable router or Ethernet cable to our IkoVuX/Brightsign media player. HDMI Cable or wireless HDMI media transmitter to connect our unit to your display screen.

Concrete Headrest by Romero $1500

Buy with Crypto

“Concrete Headrest” The physical unique work 36″W X 24″ L X 3/4″ H

$500 USD


Shipping is additional based on location and for the first time we use the unique authenticator which will be embedded on the work using the security of

Open Dime” 

ULTRA SECURE The private key is generated inside the device, and is never known to any human, not even you!

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