Patron A: Triple Triple – Ballin’ – Ikohaus
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Yes it’s that time again for the NBA finals and may wonder what that has to do with digital tokenized art? Ok well you have heard of the Triple Double, double digits in assists, rebounds and points I believe.


Now in the new blockchain, authenticated art collecting process I have achieved what I call a Triple, Triple. First of all let me preface that description with my current feeling as an Avant garde artist. With the help of my curator eldest daughter Shariyka I have achieved a stature of organic growth.

I am no longer concerned with the marginalized views of other groups, artists and galleries. Instead in being a social artist I prefer working with these new patrons with an un-assuming air. It is about their owning a work by a Who’s Who In The World critically acclaimed artist and letting history be the judge rather than common day man. This is why the autonomous Codex Protocol platform was chosen as my sole platform for blockchain authenticity.

Now let me explain what Patron ‘A’ received as the first Triple Triple. First of all the work exists on 3 different platforms. Our IkoVuX global share platform, on Codex Protocol, and placed and sold on Amazon.

Secondly the work exists in three different states, digital view, physical copy and permanent original in the cloud.

Lastly three different authentication systems unique record on Amazon where current and future owners can resell the work, record of the work #1719 Phillips Garden on the Codex Protocol assets blockchain and on the physical you will find a thumbprinted signature along with a locked NFC tag tying the work to it’s Codex protocol record.

So there you have it on this artist Romero’s journey, basically bared on the internet since 1994 and professionally since 1970. Congrats to those early adopters that will be involved in the writing of the history of the future of art.

June 3, 2019