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Since early on in 2000, the start of the 21st Century, actually from about 1991 during the Clinton era I have had my eye on the technology for the new age. Realizing that the industrial age was coming to a close, I wondered what kind of advancements would drive the 21st Century. With that in mind believing the basis would be the field of telecommunications I began to immerse myself in the field, all the while combining art and music, with electronics.

After a few stints with some great communications companies on the cutting edge during the mid to late 90’s, I started to realize a lot of the C-level officers where inauthentic. A lot of it was smoke and mirrors to dupe the poor unsuspecting public into filling the company coffers for very little and or next to nothing at all. Meanwhile the innovations that came from that era are what we use and sometimes take for granted, bringing video conferencing, video over cellular, multi hopping microwave and more important advances in cellular transmission to 4G.

Society in these companies were a microcosm of the global world. A lot of my time with my second company, had a Russian partner company, filled with the Russian Jews from the 90’s emigration. From these Russian Jews I learned that racism was strictly more a learned US American trait that most of Europe had never adopted. What these companies however lacked was the creative innovation to use the technology in new ways, without the slow moving process of feasibility studies.

On to what I believe is the new direction intimated here in articles before, but still being pioneered, as adoption can be a slow process as society still proceeds to cannibalize the remainder of the industrial age. Eventually in the system we are operating on now where resources have all the value and we create money as means to exchange for these commodities, we will run out of the capability of society to be able to afford resources, from a value system that is inherently corrupt.

Here are YouTube video liner notes from a Scottish musician friend of mine who goes by the name “Werd SOS (Sounds of Scotland)” whom I’ve known for quite a few years and is finally starting to see the globality of the situation and how the arts can be used to effect change: Published on Nov 11, 2015
Alien [PE.2] Out now. Vaguely following on from the conceptual mixtape Patient Empowerment, Werd speaks from a confused and secluded place in his own mind. His brain cells, or mental cell, depending on listener’s interpretation. Having been left alone and ‘alienated’ from both the world and hip-hop scene, we are given an honest and often critical opinion of the human race and music industry. This is no longer about local hip-hop, pushing the music or gaining exposure. Werd’s new release is a wild mix of emotion based on frustration with our current system of life on a global scale. October 15, 2015

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WWstZrda-Bc]


Featuring production from: Bigg Taj, Righteous Fist, Konchis, Madman Speakz, Dixie, C. Boyd, Sea-Bass, Tam O’Shatner, Lorne MacDougall, Big Shamu, Loonatic Beats & Dale A Thomson.

Now just take a look at the artists involved in the production of this work. This is exactly what I am referring to, these artists are collaborating and actually putting in work in the hopes of being artists of creative change to transform the place in which society now exists, but the 20th Century has taught us not to value these works. Artists themselves have taken to giving away the works freely in the hopes of garnering the attention of the studio bigs and get a piece of the cheese (oppss I mean resources).

This is what Ikohaus in it’s bringing back together the elements of meaningful underground music and art is doing to foster the pioneering of what we think is the new age… the age after the Industrial Revolution, the Age of Enlightenment. Where humans in society revalue and repurpose resources to a level lower than life itself, the spark of innovation and creativity, because that is all we have left. Machines can create almost anything else and we now educate our young and professionals to follow the instruction set that machines can not, losing creativity in the process. For sure arts and creativity have been cut from most High School levels and below, while only a select few artists produce what is salable commercial art, nothing of the note and daring of Picasso, Dali, Pollack or even a project I endeavored to work on from the Rauschenberg Foundation.

With that, if you are not supporting the pioneering spirit of this site, with the vision of a new Bauhaus from it’s inception then you too are accountable for the current situation of humanity. For there are plenty of buttons to donate, purchase works of art and support the artists and musicians you see on this site. Artists especially Avant-garde artists have always been known to shine a light on a different perspective avenue for humanity, and we have tested since 2006 with Ikohaus who will pick up what we have started from our very bootstraps of resources, or will the commercial bright shiny toy fool us all for another age?

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