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Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency can present a steep learning curve let alone introducing a new paradigm in cultural art collecting, display and trading. The issue is how to combine best use cases with a process that can be easily understood and is readily adoptable.

I have been missing from this website for quite sometime while developing my process for putting digital art on the blockchain and making it viewable across many connected devices while still retaining the record of authenticity and provenance.

What I discovered while working with a few pioneering patrons is that if they are unfamiliar with the blockchain and cryptocurrency, quite long and tedious hours can be spent in teaching the process of making a crypto account, funding it from fiat, creating the necessary Codex Protocol account and transferring the record from me the creator to them the patron.

Thankfully the big leads at Codex Protocol Jessy Houlgrave COO, Corinne Moshy Bus Dev, and John Forrest the CTO took the time to teleconference with a few participating artists including myself to go over the feature sets and adoption process with Codex.

One of the primary new features to come out of these talks is the new Non-Crypto social media authentication sign up and sign in with Google, Facebook or Microsoft for authentication and no knowledge of crypto currency or blockchain needed to get started. This is a radical move for easier adoption and thus leaving the purchase process now up to the creator.

What I have done now to help spur the adoption of my digital view IkoVux+ art that can be shared by the owner with the world while retaining the record of ownership is to make the purchase possible with fiat currency. The initial rollout is in my Facebook shop of Ikohaus and will soon rollout to Twitter and this website by alternative fiat currency means.

December 26, 2018


Yes Shay where the big integration comes in that many do not realize is that big social media is based on authenticating the persons identity as on Twitter or Facebook with verified profiles etc to prevent fraud and fakes. This same authentication from social media is necessary when dealing in crypto because in a decentralized situation most people to the outside public wish to remain anonymous, but authentication is still necessary for the exchange of valuable assets or collectibles to take place. I hope this explanation helps whats going on in this trusted environment we have.

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