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Many ask what is wrong with the Hip Hop of today, or that it is too violent or stereo typed. Hip Hop is simply big business today just like basketball and the NBA, artists see lucrative paychecks, but are they really the ones seeing the rewards? No, I don’t think so. All the big corporations behind the promotion machines and stage shows are the ones that have formed iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud etc and are the ones that own all the worlds songs, have the copyrights, paying artists pennies on the dollars they earn.

What can be done about this? Yesterday I switched out my studio laptop computer system from Fedora Linux to Ubuntu Mate, and they’re both open source. I’ve been promoting this open source style in music for years since about 2000. The artist owns the song just like the artist own the art work and supported by his own. It should be freely played and purchased as premium when supporters or patrons want to buy it or the artist performs the work.

Whether or not you have realized it, Ikohaus since it’s inception, first with art then music has been open sourced, put together without the help of commercial entities solely by artists and musicians themselves from our own pockets.

Maybe it’s time we support the artists instead of the commerce that takes the profits from the creativity of others because they simply packaged it?

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Now heres a few words from the old rapper Nelly…


November 5, 2015

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