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Project G enables creativity to be the new economy. Learn more!


Project G

Project G is set to be a far-reaching arts and entertainment exhibit for the average artist.

What I have come to realize as an artist and a musician is that if you do not have access to the commercial backing, no matter how good your talent may be, you most likely will go unnoticed.  

In modern day society, it has become common to dine out, in the shortened, hurried, busy, work life most people are faced with. But what about exposure to culture.

It seems that culture has taken a back seat, to social media and taken on the mistaken idea that social media is culture. No – social media can be used to spread culture across common boundaries, but it, in itself is not culture.

The definition of culture as discerned from Google is, “the arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively”.

Here is the problem our arts and intellectual achievements are now being regarded by public relations firms that gloss over and dumb down our achievements to give us what sells but usually has no intellectual value whatsoever.

This is where I have decided to pull back our Go Fund Me “Project G” campaign and pull it under the umbrella of Ikohaus.

Since 2006 we pioneered our brand of Avant-garde art paving the way into the future and touched a few major artists. Now more than 10 years later I feel it is time for us to open our doors again, and invite in some new blood.

So we will start by rolling up the GoFundMe right into a “Project G” page here on iko.haus. Those words itself means a well-made house.

I just heard a report on NPR as I was writing this article that spoke to exactly what I am talking about here. A Book written by Jonathan Taplin explains it, Move Fast and Break Things.

Google, Facebook, and Amazon all have the same philosophy on the internet so called culture business. Own it all and monopolize on it and you will make all the money. One percent of all musician artists, Jay-Z, Beyonce, Taylor Swift make all the money from digital sales of music. The rest goes to all the companies that control the music BMG, Warner, Sony, Google, Amazon and Apple.

This is wrong and stifles creativity and the pursuit of true intellectual stimulation. The picture is even worse if we look at fine artists.

Starting right here ourselves intellectually collective and offer artists from all walks of life a subdomain site under the “iko.haus” banner. Of course, there will be a selection process, but it will be open to application and review.

$40/yr membership including the site under our iko.haus Word Press and to start helping members to earn by selling their work in a space for up to 50 artists to exhibit their work in Greenville, NC.

Fine Artists join with Coinbase

Bitcoin, Cards, Banks and Crypto Currency Accepted

$40 Pay by Bank, Card or Bitcoin


If you want to find out what we are up to now in this endeavor you can here on the Project G page.

If you are interested you can use our survey registration form here:

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