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IkoVuX has long been a visionary concept of digital art, traveling from the initial inception of paper, to conceived in the digital and transformed to digital to finally remaining in a digital format from end to end.

Now the process has been refined from creation to authenticity and provenance on the blockchain when being launched into the public. This was long a sought after feature that I looked for in my open source system.

Let us remember at the same time the artist Robert Wilson and I were looking at the concept of digital art his in video art and mine in pure digitally drawn. Wilson’s work is of Lady Gaga and stands in the Louvre in Paris and mine to remove the barrier of cost and acceptance by the Galleries and critics was put on an Open Source track with Google applications.

ProjectIkoVux+ has because of barriers in the world of art taken a whole different sustainable means of discovering, viewing and appreciating fine art.

What has been done is to make everyone from the creator on down the line of ownership or provenance a philanthropist. When whether the work is created or placed out onto the Codex Protocol system blockchain the digital viewed work is accessible globally to most any connected device.

Now as we discussed before we have new alternative means to acquire the works on the blockchain on the Codex Protocol site.

It is a wonderfully rewarding experience to walk around and have your collection of art easily accessible from most any connected device and watch in amazement as viewers appreciate your acquisitions mirrored to large screen devices or on their very own device.

Now thanks to top social media verification means from Google, Microsoft and Facebook one no longer needs to have knowledge of the Blockchain or Crypto currency

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