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Now after some experimentation and crystallizing the use of digital electronics in the use of drawing and painting, its time to for my art to start getting radical. This thing with Amazon and the UPC codes is just part of the bigger picture of the financial crisis.

Art should document and reflect the times in which it exists, and this worldwide financial crisis is prime material for art. We are witnessing an extreme globalization process, whereby the powers that be, are transforming the face of the world as we know it. No longer is it my company, your company, Japan’s economy, Canada’s economy, it’s the Global Economy.

Everything must be stamped and cataloged into the Global economy. Can art withstand this onslaught? We shall see. For you must understand art is the last hold out. Books records, everything has been UPC’ed, to fit neatly in it’s place into the global economy so we know who owns what.

However art is truly a creative commodity that resists compartmentalization. Unlike records that have producers and such art is a singular effort, always morphing into the shape the artist creates from the malleable substance that it is.

Keep your eyes on this standalone commodity. Globalization is here!

October 6, 2008

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