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Real men wear pink??? What in the world???? Whatever does that have to do with music? Everything… You see this column is dedicated to my wife, Irose Riley-Romero 1961-2000 who died after a 2 year fight with breast cancer, while I remained in Brooklyn NY with our two daughters. So this article is dedicated to her, all the women that have passed away from the disease, all the women that are currently fighting the disease and most especially all the women that are survivors of breast cancer.

Now I’ll have you know that between the years of about 1979 to 2001, some 22 years I took a hiatus from the music industry as a bass guitarist and blues lead guitarist as I attempted to settle down and start a family. It wasn’t until 1988 that, that happened. Of course you can probably figure that when one finds the right woman, she’s not going to be exactly too thrilled with the thought of her husband going out and giggin’ every night until 3-4am in the morning, so I settled for just a regular 9-5 in the new nascent celleular and satellite TV broadcast industry.

Let’s fast forward to 2009, when I was in the midst of exploring my artists creative side with an organization called the World Art Foundation ( I will not provide the link here because after evaluation I found them to be a do nothing, founder self indulgent organization) as a Master Digital Artist, we had a Gallery Exhibition I attended in Orange County California. All while preparing for this trip and gathering and preparing my work for exhibit my daughter kept asking me to stop by and see the young jerk group The Rangers while I was in California. I kept repeating that I liked the music but don’t know if I’ll have the time to look them up.

Upon my return in June of 09′ from California, I became enthralled with this new jerk music, because as I looked more closely into it, I had discovered that these youthful kids had invented a new dance form. Yes it was a derivative of the old Break Dance, but that had transformed it so much with creativity that it actually was a new American Dance Art Form. I wondered if they knew what they had done? Quickly I made friends with lots of the influential movers and shakers of this new art form, because I was a top influencer in the world of social media on twitter which I had joined from their outset in 2007 and facebook.

When the youth found that I was supporting their Jerk Movement with an as yet, unheard of 24/7 streaming video show World Wide and brought the Rangers from The West Coast to perform in my small town of Greenville, NC and had them hanging in my house, stopping by my daughters school to pick her up and sign autographs, they went crazy exclaiming, (do not take out of context, as this was said in an extreme form of recognition) “That Niqqa’s Real!!!” What was meant was that I was operating from an ethical point of view, in a positive manner and really supportive of what the youth were trying to do. We were’nt making phony promises and actually put our heart and sould into what we believed these kids were trying to do.

So that’s where “Real Men Wear Pink” comes in. I all at once became everyone’s Dad. Guy’s that all male dance crews, I cajoled into them adding females that could dance just as well as the guys. I had learned from raising my own two daughters that to be a real man, sometimes you have to be soft and be like a woman without actually being a woman. That’s where “Real Men Wear Pink” comes in. Many of us take our relationships for granted. We think, oh the wife has got our kids handled, I’m a man I don’t need to do so and so. Heck NO! We never know what God has in store for our destined path.

As my chiropractor used to say, “The body is a wonderfuly machine that God made, just like a 1967 Ford Mustang. Just like that Ford Mustang though, everyonce in a while, we’ve got to straighten out the chassis!” So my fellow real Men, wear PINK, straighten out your chassis, and be a Real Man, take your wife, your kids, your significant other and be a Real Man with them, not at them.

@BlackcaesarX (\(-_-)/)

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October 4, 2012

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