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by Romero

Is your work or lack of work making it feel as if the walls are closing in on you? Maybe your job is not fulfilling, not giving you that having fun feel you were looking for. It could be that everything on your job is not suitable to you so your job needs to center around what makes you happy?

Whether or not you just started a new job or are in your position for years, there are lots of good reasons to really look at what you do for a living. Please consider the following reasons to work with us:

Now paintings can be bought from the artist directly. Artists pour their creativity, heart, and soul into their work. If you sell original paintings, this will allow artists to continue with their creative process, which in turn improves the quality of life for for everyone in a circular economy . Another plus is that everyone can build a relationship and communicate with the artist about artworks.

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7-24-2016 – by-Romero

Original paintings are unique. All original paintings you buy directly from an artist are unique pieces. There is usually only one copy and if you buy it, it is yours. You will visit family and friends and see the exact same painting on their wall, but feel secure in the knowledge you’ve shared and own the work and record on the block chain. There is just something exciting about having a piece of unique artwork you can prove that you own. Like handmade crafts, owning originals shows the creativity of the artist behind the masterpiece. This quality brings personality to everyone’s home, which is something you will not find in a printed poster. Knowing because of the you work is not hidden but enjoyed by numerous people .

Paintings on a display screen can make a house feel like a home. Paintings you have owned and shared for quite some time become like old friends. The art on your wall says a lot about who you are as a person. The colors, design, mood and size express what you believe in. Sometimes a painting can rekindle a feeling of an event in our lives that holds special significance. For others, it might be a goal or your hope for the future. The painting you choose is bound to have an impact on your space. Whether you decorate your home with strong or soft colors, paintings give you the perfect finishing touch that enhances your home decor.

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Colorful paintings make life fun. Colors can influence the mind; they can influence any emotion from tranquility to rage. Think about how certain colors make you feel. For example, yellow captures the joy of sunshine and communicates happiness. Yellow paintings are an excellent choice for bathrooms, dining rooms, and kitchens, where it is energizing and uplifting. Strong, bold colors makes individuals feel confident, happy, and positive.

Paintings can be a good investment. Say you discover an established, new or unknown artist and you believe that he or she makes beautiful art that you would like to hang in your home. You then decide to reach out to him or her, discovered the story behind the artist and the work and decided to buy the piece. Now that you have established a relationship with the artist you can see the artist’s skills develop over time. If the artist’s value and prices rise in the future, this could work out in your favor. With none of the trouble of storing and insuring the work because it resides in the cloud. Although investment should not be the main incentive for buying paintings, it would not hurt if a piece you bought years ago doubled in value. Of course, that would be a good investment if you later want to sell the artworks again. Now, that is a bonus for art collectors! 

Paintings are perfect gifts. If you want to buy something that is personal and timeless, gift an original painting. It shows that you have thought about who the recipient is and what that person means to you. The painting can be from an artist who the recipient finds interesting or it could complement the recipient’s home interior. As the recipient, you will not feel the need to replace your painting because it will become part of your life. You will find that you enjoy its presence on your display panel on the wall or that it evokes memories of your past. Looking at art on your display panel wall has a zero carbon footprint! Paintings are eco-friendly and easy to maintain. They need very little care and occasionally you will need to wipe the dust off from the screen. Paintings are simple and easy to maintain.

Blockchain Technology

Cheers to where the 21st century digital art and blockchain can take us with community driven innovation creating and improving social inclusion and shared prosperity.

Creating a circular economy where people create and consume goods that are renewable, repairable, reusable, and recyclable.

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