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Ikohaus, particularly myself as founder has been constantly reassessing the value, scarcity, rarity and adoption of works in a digital nature.

First I took a look at the Giclée method of printing works. Similar to silk screening. The complaint I got from from artist organizations I belonged to, were that thousands could be printed there by nullifying the value of such works.

This was an absurd statement to me because just as in  screen printing, it is not uncommon to have thousands of prints pulled in a particular run.

More so the problem with most modern methods of acquiring works of art is the authenticity. This is why I have chosen my pseudonym of Authentic Romero for my twitter and facebook handle.

If the artist or the vendor is ethical, using the Coinbase Beta method, the run can be limited to first purchasers only and and then discontinued.

This provides for a very short, limited early adopter run. Right now the work “The Mist”, will be taken off from live sale and will no longer be available.


The two main values we provide is that the work you acquire is secure against, theft, forgery and damage. Also when Coinbase is used the value of the work is tied to “4” FOUR valuations, the USD, Bitcoin, Ethereum and the set value of the work.

Any of these currencies can be used in pricing or exchange of the work depending on which holds the most value at a particular time. Also what many may not understand is that any card or payment form can be used with Coinbase. The Crypto currencies are just a secure alternative through business class Coinbase, of offerings for buyers who wish them.

Once and account is made it can be used or remain inactive, but the work itself resides securely in the cloud available to for display from any digital device.

The future has arrived, and just as designed, it makes a huge impact being lit from within the display instead of the usual exterior lighting necessary for most other works.

April 3, 2017

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This was a great insight into the Art Business- technology really does have an impact on EVERYTHING! Very information- enjoyed this post!

Thanks Tisha for your comment! Glad you enjoyed this post by artist and Founder of Ikohaus, Romero.